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The Fall of Man? I Think Not.

There is something that deeply troubles me about our legacy….

That moment when a baby is born and a mother emerges is magical, sacred.. POWERFUL.. The highest of highs. Right?

On a personal level, for both parents, it is one of the major milestones of life. For the baby, it is literally LIFE itself.

On a global level, this moment ushers in the next generation of humanity.

It is DIVINE- the moment creation is actualized.

The FUTURE is literally being BORN.

A pivotal EXTRAordinary moment on the planet…

and yet our legacy declares that THIS is the moment that we will PUNISH WOMEN FOR THEIR SINS AGAINST MAN.


Well, let’s pause for a moment and really acknowledge what is happening around the globe when it comes to BIRTH, the…

Overwhelming culture of FEAR that dominates and clouds nearly every thought process

Stripping away of women’s primal power through overmedicalization

Soaring c-section rates (over 80% in some parts of the world!)

Witch hunt on midwives

Vast cultural perpetuation of stories of pain and suffering

If this isn’t a form of PUNISHMENT then what is?

We are, everyday, living a legacy that tells us that women should be punished.

For what?

For being WOMEN..

For feeling DESIRE.

For SURRENDERING to desire…

Woah and ouch.

The next generation is being born through a cultural and religious legacy of shame?

Shaming the vessel through which they emerge?

Shaming the body of the woman who will feed and raise them?

Women have been punished for being women, for FLOWING WITH EMOTION, with desire. This continues till this day and it must stop.

You may think all this sounds extreme, but when you actually pause and consider what is happening around the world, the truth is inescapable.

The BIBLICAL FALL OF MAN, tells the story of the fall of humanity, a story which is being perpetuated by bringing in the next generation in a climate of fear and pain.

Rather than honoring WOMAN and her SEXUAL BODY. We distrust it, reject it, shame it, and try to maintain power over it.

My blood is boiling now isn’t yours?

You see we have so much more to reclaim than the right to birth the way we want to birth. We have to reclaim our sensuality, our emotions- the dark and the light, our MOST SACRED SEXUALITY and at the very core we must reclaim our womanhood.

Birth is about so much more than just birth.

Elevating birth, elevating women’s experiences in birth-

This elevates humanity. This elevates the imprint that the next generation is born with. This elevates the way the next generation is raised.

This is too HUGE to put on the shoulders of each individual birthing woman.

This actually begins with you (and me).

It begins as a reclamation of our most sacred home in this lifetime- our BODY– and those very things that have been stripped from us– our feminine essence, our fluctuations, our emotions and our DESIRE.

If you are currently supporting women in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, or are called to, I want you to sit up and pay very close attention.

What I am about to share is REQUIRED of you in this very sacred work.

If you are a mother, a woman on this planet, this path that I lay out below is essential if you are committed to the elevation of those you love and support in this lifetime.

Learning to birth and support women in childbirth with PLEASURE, while amazing and revolutionary, …  that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I invite you to go even deeper and:

**Delve into your relationship with your body, with your being, with your FEMININITY.

**Reconnect with yourself, YOUR DESIRES, YOUR PLEASURE  in the most sacred intimate way.

**Approve of where you are at right now, where you’d like to go, and above all APPROVE of the gap between the two.

**Dive right into your personal and professional shadows and shine some light on them.

**Practice dancing with the unexpected, good and bad

**Disarm your fears intentionally, consciously

Taking this journey for ourselves first and foremost…

… expands our capacity to hold the space for another woman to reconnect to HER feminine power and to TRUST her own body and

…to effectively do the work we are passionate about without getting drained, depleted, dejected.

Taking this journey within the CONTAINER OF A COMMUNITY keeps us steady, helps us hold the tone for an Ecstatic Birth even in those moments when it feels so very hard…  because it is… so very hard…

When the dominant creation story of our time is in opposition and everything around us is perpetually reinforcing it, those transition moments of “I just can’t do this anymore” are inevitable. That is when we doula one another, stand for each other..

“You’ve got this.”

“I believe in you.”

This expands our capacity to move forward even when things feel hard.

Caring for ourselves as women, first and foremost, expands our capacity to SHOW UP on this planet.

We are not the cause of the fall of man. HELL NO. The reclamation of our bodies, our feminine essence, our desire, our commitment to our PLEASURE, this will be the cause of the SALVATION of man.

I implore each and every one of you reading this to OWN THIS and recommit to YOURSELF first and foremost.

THIS IS THE JOURNEY I’m inviting you to take with me-

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