Feeling the Contractions?

I’ve been thinking a lot about labor lately,–
particularly that circle of expansion and contraction that our bodies experience in the first stage.

That rhythm that underlies everything-
our breath,
the rise and fall of the sun,
the wax and wane of the moon,

Expansion and contraction… 

For me, and for many, we are cycling fast and hard right now.

Wherever you are, whatever you may be birthing… the intensity is real.

There is an urgency in the air to rebirth… 

the feminine
the planet

I see it in my daughter, newly teened as she begins her rebirth into womanhood.

I feel it in myself as yet another layer of my pain body emerges to release as I expand in pleasure.

I want to honor and acknowledge the deep inner work involved here.

Whether it is our cervix dilating to let a baby through.. 

Or our soul releasing layers of conditioning or trauma to bring forth our dreams

The intensity is real. 

But gripping, bracing yourself, muscling through or even numbing…  these tools are archaic.. crude ways of managing the intensity that often, stimulate even more intensity.

Next time you are in the throes of contraction…
open your mouth W I D E and let out a moan that begins in your throat and lands in your P*SSY

Do it again.

Then write me and tell me how that was.