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The Feminine Flow of Creation

In The Ecstatic Goddess, we explore the feminine flow of creation, the journey of conception through pregnancy, labor and delivery as it relates to all our babies, both physical and METAPHORICAL.

Collectively we will focus on one stage each session, learning how to identify and diffuse common obstacles and practicing tools of pleasure to support your flow through moments of intensity unique to that stage.

You will learn how to identify your unique spot in the feminine cycle and exploring practices to infuse your journey with pleasure while supporting your process.

Our exploration will always bring us back to the body and how to locate and expand the flow of ecstasy within!


We yearn to finally write that book, start a biz, or recreate ourselves from the inside out. We yearn for connection with another. We yearn for a child. DESIRE IS THE SEED FROM WHICH ALL CREATIONS SPROUT, but not all our desires are fertile and bear fruit. Why?

What is your relationship to your big desires? Do you approve of them?

Imagine a couple, yearning for each other, yearning for a child. What does it take, at the most conscious level, to call in that child? It requires their YES.. it requires them to engage, masculine AND feminine… for both to do their parts in connection and conception.

Session #1 of The Ecstatic Goddess is all about this very first stage: Desire and Conception. We will identify and tease out our most destructive patterns and recreate our fertility anew, ENJOYING and embracing our YES to whatever our heart and souls desire to create. 

Gestation: Breath VIBRANCE into your most sacred creations

You’ve recognized the desire…

Allowed yourself to feel it…

Allowed your full bodied YES to conceive that metaphorical child.

And now.. GESTATION!

Gestation is for sure the longest stage in the feminine cycle of creation and it will take all the time it needs to take, no more, no less.

That first trimester is the most discerning period in determining whether a pregnancy is viable, whether the baby will continue to grow and evolve in the womb, but throughout the duration of our pregnancies we do what we can to nurture the gestating being within.

For many of us this a peak period of self-care in our lives.

So.. if you are to carry that metaphorical baby of yours to term:

(That book you’ve been longing to write, the relationship you’ve been yearning to call in, the re-birth of your being,…)

Whatever desire is pulling you forward, you must ask yourself:

How can you nurture this sacred urge from within?

What does it look like to surround your desire with tender and loving care even before you can see or feel it coming to fruition?

What can you do to breathe VIBRANCE into this seed of your creation? Do that and be patient. Nurture that baby as you feel it take shape and form in reality. Before you know it, the sensations of labor will be flowing through you.

Session #2 of THE ECSTATIC GODDESS is all about this stage of GESTATION We will explore how to NURTURE and breathe LIFE into our metaphorical babies from the earliest days of conception: Gently, Lovingly, Patiently and always with PLEASURE.

Expansion, contraction, expansion… TRANSITION

The first phase of labor is marked by the sensation of contractions in the body. Each contraction is followed by a release, an opening, a blissful expansion. And then again contraction.

Contractions get a bad rap in birth… and in life. We prefer to avoid intensity, to distract, to numb (food? alcohol?).

But contractions aren’t inherently a bad thing at all. Contractions are the work your body has to do to open, to expand, to turn you into what you need to become to birth your baby.

In life, we all want the expansions, those blissful moments of freedom and flow. But how we get there is through the contractions.

So when you hit a blip in the road to your desires…. That is a contraction. Rather than seeing it as an obstacle, let’s embrace them for what they are.. The work you need to do to become the person that can birth your creation.

In labor, resisting contractions hinders the process, impelling your body to work harder to open, kicking up intensity.. which in turn kicks up fear and more resistance.

Pleasure can be used consciously in these instances to support, rather than resist flow.

In Session #3 of THE ECSTATIC GODDESS  we explore the flow of labor,  Expansion, contractions, expansion..  and integrate this wisdom from the physical experience of labor into all our creations. We explore how to identify contractive moments and rather than run from them or numb, how to use pleasure consciously to flow through to the expansion that is awaiting us on the other side.

At the end of the first phase of labor is an experience known as TRANSITION, marked by the intense sensation of “I can’t do this anymore.”

Have you ever been putting everything you’ve got towards a dream and come to this feeling of “I just can’t do this anymore?” doubting your ability to get there?

In labor, this is a sign that you are SO close. The urge to push is right around the corner.

But in life so many of us give up on our creations right at this moment. Not realizing that this moment is actually an inherent part of our  journey and a sign that we just need to keep going, to flow through to the other side.

Session #4 of THE ECSTATIC GODDESS  focuses on this Transition moment. We discuss how to recognize it and create structures of support to help you flow through to the other side with ease and pleasure because you are, SO CLOSE.

The second phase of labor:

Push! Crown! Ring of…. FIRE?!?

Once you reach the second phase of labor, there is no turning back.

This phase is marked by the complete primal urge to PUSH. All the energy coursing through your body is channeling in this one direction: PUSH.  And as long as you can FEEL your body’s lead, your whole being will be working to get the baby out.

This stage can be intense, but it can also be a lot of fun as you are riding a strong and powerful wave and all else (fears, doubts, vanity…) gets swept aside in the face of the fierce and primal PUSH.

The birth of your metaphorical babies culminate in similar singularity and intensity as all your creative energy focuses and culminates in the final moments before their glorious emergence.

Session #5 of THE ECSTATIC GODDESS  teaches you how to build that connection to your feeling space so you can riding this wave efficiently, effectively, and with pleasure.

The baby crowns at the end of the this 2nd phase of labor. Physically, this is the widest you will open, the greatest expansion you will experience during the course of childbirth.

This moment which holds so much potential for exquisite expansive pleasure has been dubbed the “Ring of Fire” as more often birthing women today experience the opposite.

We are stretched beyond anything we have ever known in this moment and if we are not fully turned on, tissues full of blood and engorged, we can literally hurt ourselves here in ways that require weeks or months of recovery.

In physical birth, this is the moment we can tear our delicate vaginal tissues.

In birthing our creative projects, it takes the form of burnout, adrenal fatigue, or even sickness.

Session #6 of THE ECSTATIC GODDESS  is all about prioritizing and magnifying turn on as we approach the “Ring of FIRE”.  We source and fueling our efforts from pleasure to experience this climax with a full bodied, ecstatic “OHhhhhhhh YES!” (rather than “ouch!”).

The third phase of labor:

Placenta: The gifts of BIRTH

The third and final stage of the labor is birthing the placenta. Ideally, Mama is nursing and basking in the sheer beauty of  her baby at this point, when after another flow of contractions the placenta slides right out.

Most mammals and some indigenous cultures will ingest the placenta after birth, allowing all that has been nourishing the baby to now nourish mom. There is also a growing movement in the west to take advantage of this by encapsulating the placenta and taking it like a postpartum vitamin.

It is an interesting idea- that all you have been putting in yourself to nourish your emerging baby, can now nourish you in turn.

I see this all the time with the women I work with, both my private clients and Ecstatic Birth practitioners in training.

Consciously preparing for an Ecstatic Birth brings forth many gifts that can support you in mothering and in life:

Connecting to your inner wisdom
Deepening your relationship to your body and your sexuality
Expanding your capacity to experience pleasure in your body
Sourcing from pleasure, especially when things are challenging
Creating structures of support
Raising your consciousness
Disarming fears
Dancing with the unexpected

All of these are skills for more empowered, vibrant and joyful living!

These are some of the many gifts that birth can bring, gifts that each of us will deepen and expand into as we flow through the Feminine Cycle of Creation whether we are birthing a baby, a creative project, or rebirthing ourselves.

In the FINAL Session of THE ECSTATIC GODDESS  we celebrate all the gifts we have received in our journey calling forth our metaphorical babies, honoring our own “rebirth” in the process as we expand to become who we need to be to birth our babies.

In every birth there are two births. The birth of the baby and the birth of the mother.

What are you creating in life? Who do you need to become in order to birth that baby?

(Beautiful images courtesy of: 1. Anne-Marie Zylberman The Book of the Universe, 2. Artist Unknown, 3. Dina Argov, 4. Sudha Sharma, 5. Ramón Gutiérrez, 6. Judy Chicago 7. Ekaterina Abramova )


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