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For the LOVE of the BODY!

We are deep in labor now… no one really knows how long it will last, how intense the contractions will really get, and what will be birthed through this all.

So what can we do now?

Option A: Check out.
This may work, but the agitation is still there… underneath the numbness. We may find temporary relief, but then what? From my experience, it will continue to arise with greater and greater volume until it deafens everything else in an effort to be heard… not fun.

Option B: Connect. 
In Ecstatic Birth, connection is the heart of everything… preparing, laboring, accessing our deepest most primal feminine wisdom.  It is through deep connection and presence that we can access unparalleled levels of Ecstasy even in our most challenging moments. I choose B.

So what does this look like in a pandemic?

This morning it was me, sitting in a dark room, closing my eyes and feeling my body.

My thoughts, all those orders barking through my mind, quieted as they transformed into increasing awareness of sensation in my body. 

This feels like a deep unraveling, a coming home: to my BODY.

It feels like the warring council of elders barking orders at me through my mind have been invited into a sacred space to sit together and find common ground.

Disorientation turns to orientation… Orientation to me. My sensations. My truths. What I am feeling… and then, FROM MY BODY… what I need.

The BODY is my passion. It is the cornerstone of everything I do. It is the FOUNDATION of accessing Ecstasy and yet… 

In these last few weeks, I have had to remind myself over and over and over again.. to take this time, to come home to my BODY.

When I do, I am nourished, calmed, centered and reminded that this is the answer to everything….  until I forget again.

This Conversation to Transform Birth is all about this SACRED… and deeply PLEASURABLE connection:

Eva Louise Williams is a passionate professional in feminine spiritual development and somatic wisdom.  She is the founder of Golden Lotus, empowering women to cultivate spiritual awakening, sexual activation and embodied sovereignty.

When Eva and I first met, the connection was INSTANT. We both share this reverence and LOVE for the body and we will be dove deep on this topic together! 

Some nuggets:

*Our sovereignty consists of our inner queendom, an ability to RULE over our own experience in life through our connection to the body

*Ecstasy may be our birthright, but it is not our inheritance

*We hold intergenerational patterns of shame and trauma that prevent us from feeling the truth of our essence

*Training for pleasure in the body is an unraveling rather than an “achieving”

*The wisdom and activation of birth is available to every woman, not just mothers

*This pandemic is offering us an opportunity to shed behaviors to “rescue” birthing mothers and instead guide them to access their deepest primal feminine power in labor

To connect with Eva Louise Williams and Golden Lotus visit:

Connecting to the sensations of the body is so simple.. but takes TIME and practice. Nearly every woman I’ve ever worked with has been numb to varying degrees (including myself).

How can you birth in full connection with your body… if you are numb along the tissues, the networks, the cells, the organs, that are integral to your birthing body and TO YOUR PLEASURE? 

How can you empower another in birth, if you are disconnected from your own power force?

Commit to yourselves ladies… commit to your BODY… beyond your mind, into your heart… and drop even lower,  your womb,..even lower… your cervix… even lower… ???? 

There is so much pleasure and power to be had!
Birth Practitioners, you have the opportunity to transform the experience of every woman you support, but to be truly effective you must begin with YOU and your relationship to your body. 

To embody this powerful work and bring it to your clients join us, I invite you to join me for the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training where Eva Louis Williams joins us as a guest teacher.

Mother’s-to-be, O BABY! is the most potent program available to bring you home to your body and support you in Ecstatic Birth. It continues to be available at a Pay-What -You- Can rate through this pandemic. No excuses… you deserve this


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