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Forging your UNIQUE path

There is no “right” way to birth, only the right way for YOU.

This is a foundational principle of Ecstatic Birth.

So much of our upbringing and internalized “training” is about following a “right” path that actually does not exist.

This pandemic has made abundantly clear that even “the powers that be” have no idea what the “right” course of action is.

This time impels us to strengthen our connection with our own internal wisdom, always asking the question “What feels right to me??”

Childbirth is the only other place I have felt this compulsory press towards body wisdom.

Being guided, first and foremost, by that deep body connection is another foundational principle of Ecstatic Birth.

The last 9 months we have all lived in a global birthing field: This pandemic is pressing each of us to reBirth ourselves, our relationships, our priorities, communities, systems, and so much more.

What supports you in moving through each contractive moment towards  the bliss and ecstasy of the expansion on the other side?

Allowing your deep body connection to guide you in what is RIGHT FOR YOU!

In this Conversation to Transform Birth, I share with you a special woman who has been actively embodying these principles of Ecstatic Birth and using them to fuel her JOY in both birth and life.

Nina Joy is a mother of 3, the author of Fearless Birth and Beyond: Joyous Conscious Birth, and a true revolutionary on every level, living life on her terms!

In this Conversation we talk about how 20+ years ago she was able to make the radical choice for Ecstatic Birth, some of the details of those consciously created births, AND the ramifications of having moved through this portal to motherhood on her terms!


**A deep contractive moment in her life (an accident) led to her deepest connection with her body, wisdom and purpose

**Practice is key to prepare yourself for Ecstatic Birth, but also for an Ecstatic Life.. small daily practices

**Ecstatic does not mean easy.. there were plenty of intense moments in birth, but the practices allowed her to manage the intensity and stay with the JOY

**The biggest gift she received from birth was trust: trust in herself, her body, her process and journey

…and so much MORE!

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