From the Traumatic to the Ecstatic

We know being in the BODY is key in childbirth, but sometimes that can feel so HARD.

We all hold trauma in our bodies–
whether it is from a personal experience, like abuse or assault, or something we’ve internalized from the collective, such as sexual shame.

Sometimes we are not even aware of the depths of our trauma until we peel one layer only to find another and then another.

Whether you are a birth worker or an expectant mom or a woman all in for a vibrant life, releasing trauma is a critical ingredient in opening to ever deepening levels of ecstasy.

So, how do we clear trauma and open to the ecstatic? 

I will be talking with Nisha Gill, a Somatic Experiencing (trauma resolution) Practitioner who specializes in birth and sexual trauma healing.

Nisha is also a bodyworker, doula, birth educator, women’s Tantric yoga teacher and Ecstatic Birth Practitioner. 

Wow do we have a lot to talk about!!!

Everything we share about releasing trauma will support YOU in your expansion towards pleasure.


*Ecstasy and trauma are on the same spectrum of human experience

*Trauma leads to disconnection/ disassociation from the body

*The connection to the body is required in birth

*Ecstasy is experienced through the connection

*It is important to release trauma at your body’s pace, no faster

*Somatic practitioners can provide support and trauma release at the level of the BODY

*You can clear trauma to prepare for birth as well as clear trauma from birth

*Clearing trauma opens more flow, more sensation, more pleasure

…and so much MORE!

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