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Rituals for healing, nourishment, and BIRTH

Our brains are whirring with thoughts of the future.. what is going to happen?
With the pandemic? With the election? With schools? With racism? With hospitals?
With birth… with_________???

Couldn’t we all use some nourishment and healing at this moment in time?

When so much is at stake it can feel counterproductive to take pause and drop in, but that is precisely the medicine of this time.

Rituals can offer us a potent portal as we navigate the waves of our life.

Rituals help us access our somatic and primal brains and with it our deeper truths and knowings.

I spoke with the incredible Gena McCarthy to speak about rituals for healing, nourishment and BIRTH!!


**Ceremony can be a deep source of nourishment at this time

**Gena guides us through a simple ritual to transmute what no longer serves us- in birth and life

**There is so much support available to us if we open to it

**The systems many of us work intensify our stress (ehem.. hospitals… it isn’t YOU that is “wrong”)

**We have a huge opportunity now to create our systems anew

**There is tremendous power for transformation in INTENTION

To connect with Gena visit: or find her on social media @birthspiritualityandhealing

Gena McCarthy is a perinatal psychotherapist, a certified EMDR (PTSD treatment) provider and a developer and educator of community ceremony and birth trauma healing models, trained in Shamanic, Buddhist and Cherokee Peacekeeper teachings and cross-cultural ways of healing.

She is the founder and developer of the Birth Spirituality and Healing Network, the Contra Costa County Perinatal Depression to Wellness Network and developed two local HMO Perinatal Integrative Health Programs.  She co- founded the East Bay/ SF Peer Perinatal Professional Ceremony Circle. 

Every time I speak with Gena, I feel calmer, more presenced and in touch with that deep well of knowing within.

This is a powerful state to access in the birthing room, both for our mamas and those of you that support them.

This is a powerful state to access each and every day to center our beings!


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