Even Pumpkins Can Do This!

The power of pleasure in birth is available to EVERY woman that wants it.

Ecstatic Birth is not a far away dream, a shoot for the moon, pie in the sky type of reality.

Every woman that integrates pleasure into her birth preparation inevitably elevates her experience in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

I’m a HUGE YES to that!

️Can you imagine what the world would be like if all women entered motherhood vibrant and full of JOY?!?

️If babies were born in pleasure and raised by empowered moms?

️If birth were treated like a sacred and powerful rite of passage and women, as the access point for new life on earth?

I’m all in for that future!!!

Gather round and bring your girlfriends, especially all the expectant and future mothers in your life.. 

Gather all birth professionals… doula, midwives and OBs, childbirth educators, anyone supporting women in the transition to motherhood.

Gather your clients and colleagues… 

I’m dedicating NOVEMBER to making Ecstatic Birth super accessible to you and your communities.

I’ll be offering–
Access to the Expectant Mama’s Guide to Ecstatic Birth E-course (11/1)

Excerpts from my upcoming Ecstatic Birth Workbook (11/4-9)

Complimentary Masterclass: Opening to PLEASURE in Childbirth (11/12 at 12pm ET)

and my newest Ecstatic Birth program, 

OBABY!  Live beginning 11/18 + Bonus Q&A! 11/26

And now… for pure pleasure and giggles, my all time favorite holiday image to share: 

(photo courtesy of birthtakesavillage.com/)

See? Even pumpkins can do this… .

Hee Hee…

Happy Halloween and a glorious Samhain!

Much love,