How to Call in Ecstasy

How often do you experience ecstasy?
Is it enough for you?
Or do you want MORE?
(Most of us want MORE!)

The experience of true ecstasy is deeply nourishing but it is also quite elusive.

The truth is it isn’t that hard to locate ecstasy. We have just been looking in all the wrong places.

The place where ecstasy lives is the place that you have been conditioned to ignore.

Your BODY.

(Ever ignored your need to pee because you were “busy?”… Yup, me too)

We have been trained to live in our heads while ecstasy lives in our BODIES.

Now let’s be clear for a minute about the nature of ecstasy.  While it can be sexual, it doesn’t have to be. We can experience ecstasy in nearly any lived experience from the mundane to the profane.

It is often associated with sexuality because we are more likely to be connected to our somatic bodies (our feeling states) when we are having sex.

Ecstasy is a FEELING not a circumstance.

The way to call it in and experience it more often is to spend more time in your “feeling” body, rather than your “thinking” mind.

Working with women and practitioners to call in the experience of ecstasy into childbirth has meant spending thousands of hours and developing practices to help them do just that.

It has been profoundly moving to realize how simple, how accessible, ecstasy really is. It has been right under our noses the entire time–

ONCE we get into alignment– with our feminine nature and with our bodies.