If I could teach one thing to my daughters…

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The biggest thing that I have learned from my birth experiences is how to care for myself— that putting myself and my needs first gives me the capacity to care for others.

I’ve also learned that integrating pleasure into my self care gives me the capacity to care for others with joy.

And let me tell you… as a mother I am still working on that one. I have to practice every day. I have to remind myself and enlist friends to remind me too. Consciously taking my daily dose of pleasure is a doozy in a world that devalues pleasure, that is too busy for something as frivolous as PLEASURE.

Even though I have witnessed the gifts of pleasure firsthand (and teach them to expectant women for goodness sakes).. I still have to take myself back to basics in my practice on a regular basis.

Guess who benefits the most when I am in my pleasure?

My kids!

…and pretty much everyone else who comes in my path.

This is the gift that I desperately desire to share with every expectant mother.

This is the gift I most want to pass onto my girls.

The power of pleasure.

This Mother’s day, I invite you to give yourself and the women that you love that gift.

My friend and compatriot in the world of pleasurable birth, Debra Pascali-Bonaro and I are offering a free 21 day pleasure immersion.

Each day for 21 days you’ll receive a bite-sized pleasure nugget in your inbox from some of our favorite teachers of pleasure. By committing to a practice that will take you no more than 10 minutes each day, you’ll learn how to feel more pleasure in your mind, body, and soul. You will witness firsthand the transformational power of pleasure in your life.

This program is intended for all women, but Debra and I will hold a special pleasurable birth training for birth workers, expectant mamas, and any woman who is interested in learning how to use pleasure to have an ecstatic or orgasmic birth.

You can sign up here to join us: http://orgasmicbirth.com/21-days-birth-pleasure/ 

My teacher, Mama Gena, says that women learn to compromise before they learn to come.  

Yowza… I have two little girls and I can not debate that fact for even an instant.  

But growing up and learning to cater to the desires of others before my own, that was the very seed that sprouted some of the darkest moments of my life.

I am grateful everyday for that darkness (which began with a terrible birth experience) because it forced me to seek a different path. I tried everything in my healing journey and it was pleasure that brought forth miracles.  It led me to become who I am today, an experience that feels better everyday, each year better than the last.  

I want you to experience this magic for yourself.

Join me and Debra by registering for 21 Days to Birth Your Pleasure: http://orgasmicbirth.com/21-days-birth-pleasure/ 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Much love,