Locating Pleasure Amidst Intensity

Childbirth can be INTENSE!

Ecstatic Birth is not about denying that intensity… or even numbing it or avoiding it in order to have a great experience.

Ecstatic Birth is a full bodied YES to the intensity and that YES is key to alchemizing the sensations of labor from pain to pleasure.

A HUGE part of this is understanding our anatomy and the interconnections between birth and sex.

An even bigger part is honoring our sexuality and the design of our bodies.

Dishonoring the design of our bodies = PAIN

Understanding and honoring our sexuality and our design opens the doorway to bliss, pleasure, ecstasy, orgasm… all the good stuff!

This conversation with Midwife, Robin Illian blows even the most experienced birth workers away!!!

Why? Robin shares a little known fact about feminine anatomy that has the potential to make even the most intense moments in labor pleasurable!

We address what is commonly experienced as the single most intense part of childbirth: Transition.

Transition is that moment in labor when your cervix is opening to its widest capacity and the baby is about to make its descent through the cervix, vaginal canal and out into the world.

It is also the moment that is known for inspiring many a laboring woman to outright declare,  “I can’t do this anymore,” due to its intensity.

Well, imagine that instead you have the capacity to lean into that moment with your YES and experience some of the most profound pleasure of your life.

Every woman has that capacity!

Locating Pleasure Amidst Intensity with Midwife, Robin Illian!

**Transition, the moments right before we get the urge to push is known as one of the most intense moments in childbirth
**Understanding our Anatomy empowers us to understand our capacity for pleasure in that moment through access to the pelvic nerve
**It can feel so good it almost feels like “cheating”!
**Surround yourself with people that can remind you of the spots to feel into
**Practitioners can embody the pleasure and bring that into the birthing field
**Hearing about other women’s experiences of pleasure re-writes our map for what is possible for us

Robin Ilian is a home birth Midwife and Faculty at the Birthwise Midwifery School in Maine and is currently in the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training.

She shares learning, 
“…why that period of transition in labor, as the baby is first leaving the uterus and entering the posterior vagina can feel GOOD. It allowed me to really lean into that in labor and I found that spot. I’ve had clients that confessed after to feel like they were “cheating” in labor at this point because it kind of felt good. That was the most ecstatic moments of my first birth, too, that beginning of pushing. It is crazy how little has been known about female anatomy.”

Ummmm…. shouldn’t every woman know about this?
I think so!