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MY BODY FEELS… antidote for when things seem “hard”

The last few weeks I’ve found myself dragging my feet around the house, struggling to write at my computer, very very SLOW and if I’m honest, a little confused …

My animal body is grieving the loss of my college boy’s presence.

It doesn’t matter that I am happy for him or that I have plenty to do that I am deeply passionate about.


There is nothing I can do to override that with my rational brain.

My mother used to get sick every time I left for college, wondering each time “What is wrong with me?”

Her body made her STOP to integrate the loss of my presence the only way she could listen.

Why am I sharing this with you?

The antidote to any moment of intensity is the opposite of what we have been taught– to dissociate or muscle through.

PLEASURE is not just about pasting a smile on your face and finding a rainbow to follow.

Real.. true PLEASURE.. comes from honoring your body exactly where it is at.

Here amidst ALL the sensations-“good” and “bad”- you can find the deepest, most expansive mind blowing orgasms.

REAL TRUE Pleasure… can support you in flowing through your contractions in and out of the birthing room.

Many of us have been trained to actively avoid pleasure…


Our cultural conditioning teaches us that it is frivolous.., selfish… maybe even dangerous.

In this 3 part Pleasure reBirth experience, I take you on a sensual expansion journey, so you can reBirth your relationship to PLEASURE.

Sensual expansion is one of the most loving, holistic ways to care for your body and elevate your experience of life.

It is also the most potent form of birth prep there is and the gateway to Orgasmic and Ecstatic states of bliss.

If you are ready to let go of patterns of numbing or muscling through and embrace pleasure as an integral part of your design, sign up for the complimentary experience here.

Amidst the grief it is currently feeling, my animal body has also dropped into some of the deepest states of surrendered multiorgasmic pleasure I have ever experienced in my life.

I much prefer processing and integrating the shifts (and contractions) of my life in this way rather than trying to muscle through and getting sick… wouldn’t you?

It FEELS so much better 💗


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Expectant and Future Mamas, read on….

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Pleasure reBirth,

a Sensual Expansion journey

You will learn how these 3 elements can really support you in navigating intensity in a way that FEELS good.