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My clients no longer describe their births as painful!

I remember sitting at an extended family dinner a couple of months after my first (traumatic) birth and hearing someone share “If I could give birth again right now, I would.

At the time I thought she was certifiably insane.

Now, having experienced my own Ecstatic Births,  I know that she is not unique… the hormonal cocktails that we receive in natural birth can give us a glimpse of an ecstasy that we long to experience time and time again.

This transcendent ecstasy is a part of our design.

It helps us bond with our babies and ensures that we long for more.

Isn’t nature incredible?

(Image of mama @headygrimm by photographer @kalinorton)

This only scratches at the surface of what is possible for us in birth.

The good news about living at a time when birth dissociation or trauma is the norm is that there is plenty of potential for reclamation and oh wow is it satisfying when we begin to experience it.

A couple of years ago, Samara, a beautiful doula from the UK in the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training declared to me in delight,

“My clients no longer describe their births as painful!”

Oh yes… that is the magic of Ecstatic Birth at play:

Meeting the intensity of sensations in birth with presence, alignment and PLEASURE allows it to flow through the body without attaching the label of “pain” to it.

You know what helps? Having a practitioner at your side that can hold that energy in her body as well!

You can hear all about Samara’s journey and birth work here. 

Next week, I will be releasing the expanded directory of Ecstatic Birth Practitioners, spanning all continents and the majority of the US.  Expectant moms, if you are looking for Ecstatic Birth support, this is the place to look!

That said, if you are unable to hire one to BE at your birth with you, Ecstatic Birth education and training are KEY.

Here is a note I recently received from another grad from the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training, Debra, a childbirth educator in Canada. She writes,

“I wanted to let you know that I continue to teach about Ecstatic Birth and have incorporated it into my own class series that I teach to our group’s clients. People respond really well to it.  We have had amazing births happen with the two recent class groups I taught. 6 out of 8 have had lovely home births and some have expressed that it was not painful. 

They felt very empowered and enjoyed the process. The one mom who transferred in due to a very lengthy labour also expressed that it wasn’t painful.”  


If you are a stand for empowered, transformative and PLEASURABLE birth, this is your siren call to jump into your Ecstatic Birth Training!

Expectant moms, OBABY! is the program to help you prepare for your Ecstatic Birth.

Birthworkers, The Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training is begins in JUNE.

What are you waiting for?

Reclamation is well with your reach!


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