My Wish for You…

We have just birthed a new year and with it a sense of freshness, a clean slate. Each new page gives us the opportunity to create, to birth anew.

What is it that you long to birth this year?

Birthing any creative project is not so different from birthing a child. We can labor in the current cultural paradigm of “no pain no gain,” or we can take a stand for something different.

We can consciously choose to birth our babies, real or ethereal, in pleasure.

When I birthed my business with the Foundation Series- a beautiful baby that was bigger than I had even imagined- it was the first time that I actively brought my birthing consciousness to something other than birthing my own three children. As I wrote about previously, the launch offered me the opportunity to walk my talk and truly explore all the parallels between a live birth and a metaphorical one.

On the day of the  launch, I experienced an intensity of emotion and list of to-dos that would have completely frozen my rational mind. But I had prepared for pleasure.

My office was decorated with hot pink feathers and crystal goblets full of peanut M&Ms.

Friends sent me texts throughout the day, surrounding me with love and giggles.

My hair looked fabulous.

But what truly throws a birthing mom into ecstasy is a deep connection with her body…

Massive amounts of energy surged through me, much like during a real live birth. I could perceive it as nervous energy (pain) or I could choose something different. I chose pleasure and DANCED. I danced like I’d learned to do at S Factor — with an intimate connection to my body. I danced between each and every task on my list. I danced, letting my body dictate the music and the movement. I danced, listening to the wise voice deep inside. I danced and got every single thing done. I danced my way right to the live call. I danced and launched Ecstatic Birth in pure ecstasy.New Year

So, what’s my New Year’s wish for you?

In the coming year, may you birth all your babies, creative projects, and desires with joy, pleasure, and ECSTASY!!!!  

P.S. I birthed my daughter through dance too — so much more fun than Pitocin — don’t you think?