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Oh. Shit.

Have you ever felt anxious when your cycle was a few days late?
Maybe you weren’t as careful as you should have been…that one time?
You weren’t planning on getting pregnant and now the thought that you might be…

Oh. Shit.oh shit

I know I have felt this- as well as the immense relief that follows when that gorgeous blood finally flows- more times than I’d like to admit.

I heard a statistic recently that claimed about half of all pregnancies in the US are unplanned. I did a little research and found that that not only is that an accurate statistic, but also about half of women in the US will experience an unintended pregnancy by the time they are 45. That’s a whole lot of babies potentially being greeted with those two little words.

But we aren’t going to go there.

What I would like you to think about is… what is the possibility of you enjoying childbirth if you are not 100% aligned with your pregnancy?

It’s easy to imagine that if you desire a baby with your whole heart and soul, with everything you’ve got, that when that little one makes it into your arms, you will be ecstatic, right? Chances are you’ll fall into ecstasy regardless because we are programmed to fall in love with our babies. But when we are pushing them out… well… we are not quite there yet.

In the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions, Elena Vladimirova-Tonetti talks about the importance of bringing consciousness to our conceptions. That bold move aligns your body, heart, and soul. Unexpressed emotional fears often crop up as resistance in birth. When you are aligned, you are able to more deeply surrender to the flow of childbirth.

We spend so much time preparing for the technical details of pregnancy and birth as well as time taking care of ourselves as a physical vessel for the baby. It is just as important to look at our inner emotional landscape. Preferably before you get pregnant and especially once you are.

Pregnant ladies, what are the aspects of pregnancy, birth, and mommy-hood that make you say “Oh. Shit.”?  Be honest with yourself. We’ve all got them. It’s better to look them in the eye now and do whatever it takes to make your peace with them. You’ll have so much more fun at your baby’s birth if you aren’t unconsciously trying to resist it.

And for those of us that aren’t pregnant… What do you say we take the time and consciousness to release the “Oh. Shit.” factor from our monthly cycles? Whatever that looks like for you… Let’s treat our bodies and our ability to conceive as the most sacred divine gift we have been given as women. Because it is.


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