Opening to PLEASURE in Birth

Ooooooo, today I’d like to introduce you to a midwife that was featured in the documentary Orgasmic Birth!

In this Conversation to Transform Birth, Midwife Anne Margolis shares her insights on what it takes to open to pleasure in birth…

Some of these insights will surprise you!


The term “orgasmic” in birth refers to a wide range of experiences from elation to bliss to ecstasy (as well as orgasm).

Bring the energy of pleasure into the birthing room through your senses, consider “What thrills YOU?

Some factors that lead to better birth outcomes: *Being in your body *Having strong community *Not being scared of hard work *Being connected to the earth *Being physically fit, strong pelvic floor Breath is a powerful tool to clear trauma from the body ahead of birth and to access pleasure in birth!

…and so much MORE!

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