Untap your full pleasure potential

I am convinced that there is one thing that every woman can do to infinitely increase her pleasure in birth (and life!) —

Learn how to melt into a rolling, endless, full body orgasm…whenever she wants.

What do orgasms and childbirth have in common? Almost everything!

  • Same anatomy
  • Same ideal conditions
  • Same trance states
  • Same hormonal cocktails released

This might seem ironic, since orgasms and birth are typically seen as opposite ends of the pain/pleasure spectrum. However, pain and pleasure travel along the same neural pathways. They are closer in sensation than you may realize.

In fact, the language of learning how to orgasm mirrors the language of preparing for a natural birth almost exactly.

There is a lot of talk about being fully present in your body, about surrendering to the sensations, feeling safe, melting.. opening.

It is my firm belief that the single most powerful thing you can do to prepare for birth is to deepen your connection to your sensual self, to learn to tap into your endless orgasmic potential.

I’m so excited to share that my good friend Saida Désilets is offering a FREE training series where she reveals her top secrets on how to access your full multi-orgasmic potential, easily and consistently.


Saida is a leading edge advocate for women’s sexuality and  pleasure. I’ve studied with her personally and found it to be a life changing experience. I cannot recommend her enough.

Her training will not only support you in pleasurable healthy conception and birth, it is a huge gift postpartum. Recent studies have concluded that there are 9 basic principles needed in order to live an enriching, vital and healthy life, and one of these principles is, of course, consistent, orgasmically satisfying sex!

Ready to untap your full pleasure potential? If you’re curious about this FREE video series that unveils Saida’s Key Secrets to being  a Multi-Orgasmic Woman, you can register here:


Here’s to pleasure in birth AND life!!!