The Yin of Birth

This year I gifted myself the right to have summer vacation. It was a choice born from my anxiety, the pressure that I was putting on myself to be productive. So, just for fun, I threw it all out the window and told myself that for the summer I didn’t have to “do” and that I could just “be.”

Well, looking back, it is interesting for me to notice that it was a summer full of interesting conversations, connections, and events. Productive without a doubt (and without the pressure and anxiety.)

Being the birth junkie that I am, one of my great loves is seeing how life and birth mirror each other so fully.

Women are always asking me- how is it possible to have pleasure in childbirth? What do they have to “do” to have an ecstatic birth?

Well, truth is that there is so much that one can do to prepare…, but a whole lot of that involves learning how to be, and how to receive.yin yang

The Yin and Yang of our world is off balance. Yin, the feminine energy, the receptive energy of “being” is generally overwhelmed by Yang, the active masculine energy of “doing.”

It is the balance of the two that allows for harmony and that opens the door for pleasure.

A birthing body that is left to “be” will most often lead the expectant mama to “do” all the “doing” that is required.

So our challenge in preparing for childbirth is learning how:

  • to fully “be” in our bodies.
  • to surrender to the massive birthing energy flowing through us,
  • to allow the primal wisdom that lives in all our bodies to flow forth freely and
  • to birth from that powerful place!

All of this is and more is covered in the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions. Just for fun, I’d like to offer the next 10 people that purchase the sessions a free 20 minute consultation where we will work together to integrate the wisdom of the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions into your personal reality. Are you ready?