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Meditation for a Pain-Free Birth

Is your body your ally? Or your nemesis?

So often, it feels like our body is betraying us.

One of the biggest lessons I learned on my journey is that even when it doesn’t feel like it, my body is my ally.

This plays out in birth ALL THE TIME.  Unfortunately, it is very common for women to feel like their body failed them in birth.

I felt this acutely after my first “traumatic” birth experience.

It wasn’t until I began my own healing journey that I learned that the opposite was true. My body hadn’t failed me… I had failed my body.

I failed her by not listening to the messages she was giving me, by not hearing them, or when I did, overriding them.

Unconsciously (and consciously) we bully our bodies and then get mad when they don’t behave as we think they should.

I’ve witnessed some version of this behavior in every single one of my clients and continue to awaken to it in deeper and deeper layers within myself.

The irony here is that when you do come in alignment with your body, when you do learn to feel her wisdom and honor her truth, she is 110% there for you, adding rocket fuel and sparkles of magic to your journey.

AND despite all our resistance.. it really is not that hard.

In fact it can be quite simple.

I’m excited to introduce you to Kabbalah meditation teacher, Alison Serour, a woman whose journey in life and birth truly embodies this wisdom.

As a teen, she never got her menstrual cycle, received a diagnosis of severe PSOC and was told she would be unable to have children.

Her spiritual guide, taught her a simple meditation to heal her body and restore her flow. She is now the mother of four!

She contacted me recently to share the story of her pain-free Ecstatic Birth.

Similarly, she used a very simple meditation technique to support her body to open and birth her child.

She shares all the details in this powerful and inspiring Conversation to Transform Birth!


**Fear is the root cause of the majority of pain in childbirth. Alison made a conscious choice not to be in fear
**Sounding is a powerful gateway to Ecstasy
**It is easier than you think to use visualization to support the body
**Birth offers a spiritual portal for manifestation of your deepest prayers and desires!

…and so much MORE!

Alison’s background as a world renowned Kabbalah meditation teacher offers a powerful portal into the energy of creation.

Creation happens in the BODY… creating our babies AND our dreams and desires.

In recent history, spirituality has perpetuated an abdication of BODY.

But our BODIES is where the most profound spiritual acts of all occur: Conception and Birth.

Reclamation of our SACRED relationship with our bodies and our sexuality is at the heart of the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training.

Alison is deeply called to elevating birth. As she shares in this Conversation to Transform Birth, she senses the incoming souls- the babies themselves- are asking for it!

I’m thrilled to announce that Alison Serour will be joining the 2021 Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training as a Guest Teacher to further share these meditation techniques with us.

To connect further with Alison, visit or

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