Painless Contractions

Childbirth can be intense but that does not mean it has to be painful.

Have you ever experienced intense euphoria?
An intense orgasm?

Or an intense moment of deep spiritual connection?

The intensity has to do with the amount of energy pulsating through your body, not the type of sensation you experience.

One of the (many) reasons women often experience pain in childbirth is that the amount of energy flowing through their body feels like too much, more then they can handle and so they subconsciously constrict their energetic pathways and resist the flow in order for it to feel more manageable.

When a woman consciously prepares for an Ecstatic Birth, she learns many tools to support her body in allowing the flow of energy through. 

When she does, that energy flow can feel euphoric, transcendent, even orgasmic.

One of the most powerful tools nearly EVERY birthing woman uses is her voice.

Sound is one of the most accessible tools and it generally comes very naturally.

Everyone expects a birthing woman to be moaning or grunting or screaming right?!?!

Learning to use sound consciously in birth is extremely powerful and effective in transmuting the intensity of the sensations and letting the energy flow.

In this week’s Conversation to Transform Birth, a new mom from Croatia talks about giving birth to her baby boy and being awed that her contractions were painless!

Ines Čulo consciously conceived her first child and spent the span of her pregnancy preparing for her baby’s birth.

As often happens, her birth looked very different than she had planned and anticipated and she birthed in a hospital rather than at home. 

Despite not having the environment and support she desired, Ines was able to tap into her training, her primal wisdom and use her VOICE to experience labor with PAINLESS CONTRACTIONS!


*You can use your voice to mitigate the intensity of sensation in birth

*Birth is a trance state and the more you allow the trance, the more euphoria you can feel

*Ines allowed the intensity of sensation to flow through and out of her through sounding

*Despite the fact that her birth did not look as she planned, she was able to experience ecstasy in labor.

*That sensation of ecstasy nourished and fueled her through the intensity of pushing and continues to empower her in motherhood.

*Preparation is KEY.. and empowers you to flow through whatever unexpected emerges in birth!

….and so much MORE!

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