Pleasure is built into our birthing anatomy!

I’ve got some really big news!!….

As you know, I put a lot of emphasis on a woman deepening her connection to her body and sensuality.

Even though there are many many other aspects of ecstatic birth prep, a woman’s relation to her sexuality is where the physical experience of birth needs the most healing and where a woman’s pleasure potential in birth skyrockets.

Pleasure is not an indulgence, but the most powerful and holistic birthing tool there is. (tweet!)

Artwork by Michael Reedy

Artwork by Michael Reedy

I was recently reading this article and was blown away by the following statement regarding some recent research.

“…they measured pain thresholds during childbirth. They found a significant reduction in pain sensitivity as the baby started to emerge through the birth canal, a correlation with G-spot stimulus. They speculate that without the pain-reducing effect of vaginal stimulation, childbirth might be even more painful, and that the pain-reducing effect could lessen the stress of childbirth and thereby promote bonding between mother and newborn.”

This speaks directly to the fact that pleasure and orgasm are built into our biological birthing system. The quote talks about reducing pain, but I’d like to take it to the next level and say that our biological system encourages pleasure during birth.

Isn’t that amazing?!?! This is why I am all fired up today. Keep reading.. it gets better :)

So why why why if pleasure in birth is built into our biology, why do so many women experience pain??

There are infinite answers to this question ranging from politics, to religion, to societal and individual psychology and beyond…A woman can address each and every one of those issues and still experience pain rather than pleasure in birth.

The single most important factor that most women do not address…

…that it does not occur to them to address.. is their own sensual expansion.

How many women do you know that consistently experience bliss and orgasm through g-spot stimulation?

Most women store a lifetime of charge in this sensitive area, so much so that stimulation brings up intense sensations- both physical and emotional, rather than sensations of ecstasy.

Combine that with the fact that women’s vaginal muscles are severely atrophied as a result of our “sitting culture” and you’ve got an impenetrable root to our birthing with pain paradigm.

I was invited to be a guest teacher in Kristin Sweeting Morelli’s Pleasure Tribe.

Where I taught on the heels of Caroline Muir– who is the godmother of Tantra in the US and whose biggest legacy is awakening the female orgasm via g-spot healing.


Saida Desilets, whose Jade egg teachings are the most powerful I have found in developing vaginal muscles, both in strength and dexterity (kegels do not), and to actually practice giving birth.


Nicole Daedone- whose “OM” meditation is all about training the body for pleasure.


Sheila Kelley- whose Sfactor moving meditation I teach to every woman I work with.

and and and….

There is so much more.

For a woman ready to fully commit to pleasurable birth prep on a deep level (whether or not you are already pregnant),

and to commit to her expansion as a sensual and sexual being…

these are some of the very trainings that I integrate into all Ecstatic Birth Programs and private client work.  Practices where you learn to live in  your body, deeply, and access the infinite (I do mean infinite) pleasure that is available to you always (yes, always).  Then when you birth, there is no question of ecstasy. You will be able to locate it in any experience you have.

Doesn’t that sound like a fabulous way to be?

Much love,