Postpartum: Ecstatic or Traumatic?

As passionate as I am about Ecstatic BIRTH, childbirth is a portal. The true journey is that of motherhood.

How can we create an Ecstatic experience in motherhood? Even in those early days when everything is new and raw and tender?

I’m excited to share with you a woman who is devoting her career to supporting moms and doula’s in creating an optimal postpartum period.

I know you’ll enjoy this Conversation to Transform Birth with Darcy Sauers!


*Create a Bubble of oxytocin

*Support allows for you to focus on the most important thing: presence

*Plan your postpartum period ahead

*You are the MOTHER: You get to choose

*For those supporting a struggling mom- listen and ask her what she needs

*Her path is not your path- Hold the vision for her!

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