As the year draws to a close, I can not resist the opportunity to shower you with gifts of celebration and gratitude.

Ecstatic Birth work is edgy in a world that does not yet view childbirth as a point of power for women. Each of you by virtue of being here with me is a visionary and leader.

One of my favorite quotes from the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions is from Dr. Christiane Northrup, a pioneer in the field of women’s health who shares that  “it is never crowded on the leading edge.”

Thank you for standing with me on the leading edge and standing for a new paradigm of birth whether that is for yourself or a loved one, a client, or the world at large. Well done, Darling.

So…presents, Presents, PRESENTS !!

Present #1: Online Ecstatic Birth Class!

Over the next few months, I’ll be pressing my personal edge by releasing a series of videos on YouTube, Ecstatic Birth Classes I’ve taught for the Entheos Online Academy.

Here is the first in the series–  How to Have an Ecstatic Birth: Changing the Paradigm

In this class I share how to move beyond the negative paradigm of childbirth into a new paradigm where labor and birth are understood at the essence to be profound, empowering and ecstatic experiences.

Video is an edge for me, so I would appreciate any uprides, thoughts and feedback.

And please– if you like it, share it!

Present #2: Community of Inspiration and Support

I know I am not alone in my conviction that we are stronger together. If we want to effectively create lasting change in our lives and in the world, it has to be done in community– especially when what we are trying to create feels in direct contrast to the dominant societal norm.

For 2017, I am creating a private Facebook group- a place where all my clients- expectant moms, and birth providers can connect, support each other, and lean in for inspiration and wisdom. For this group, I intend to create monthly live sessions, opportunities for Q&A, and to practice getting into our bodies.

If being a part of this community turns you on, I’m inviting you to jump in now as my guest.

Add yourself to the group here and then email me with your FB name, so that I can approve you.

Please accept it as my thank you for being here and reading what I have to share. I love and appreciate you.

Present #3: Expectant Mama’s Guide to Ecstatic Birth

I’m re-opening registration on my complimentary 10 day email course- The Expectant Mama’s Guide to Ecstatic Birth. This is a wonderful introduction to some of the key principles of Ecstatic Birth preparation and includes simple practices to get you started on your journey.

This is a great gift to share with other women in your life especially those who are expecting or thinking about motherhood in the near future.

You can register yourself and/or your friends for the Expectant Mama’s Guide here.  

Expectant Mama’s Guide to Ecstatic Birth is also the working title of the book which I aim to complete in 2017– send good vibes and juice please!!!

Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy your presents!!
I’m looking forward to playing with you in 2017!

Much love,