Releasing FEAR + Stress… Finding FLOW

Releasing fear and finding FLOW is a central theme in Birth on the best of days.

Now.. it is an imperative for us ALL.

We are all currently living in an active birthing field as everything around us is in a state of re-birth:

The “normalcy” of our day to day lives
How we relate and interact with other people
Our SYSTEMS.. from the economic to the medical
The environment, the planet we live on

This is the most widespread and powerful birthing field most of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes.

And we must do as we do in the birthing room–Put our attention on our BODIES to:

Actively release FEAR
Integrate our comfort measures,  
Consciously bring OXYTOCIN flow into the body.


This Conversation to Transform Birth is all about Finding the FLOW in our Bodies, especially in moments of INTENSITY… like now… or.. in birth.

I can’t think of a more poignant shift to practice right now.

Raquel de la Caza brings her unique perspective as an integrative Ayurvedic practitioner to our conversation about energy, the different types, how it flows and really simple practices to ground our bodies and maintain our energy flow.     

We discuss how we can take the sensation of FEAR and the freeze, fight or flight reaction in the body and come back to a state of FLOW… of calm and connection… and share some simple practices to do just that.

*Ayurveda expands our framework from the duality or fear/flow
*Vata, associated with fear and anxiety, has an opening and asks for us to consciously fill it
*Intentionality, pouring our LOVE into our activities and interactions nurtures this space. So does STRUCTURE
*Sound and movement are powerful tools to move fearful/ anxious energy
*Placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth is grounding and activates your parasympathetic nervous system.

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