Scents for Childbirth and Pleasure

Did you know that your sense of smell gives you direct access to your primal brain?   

It does! 

This is such an important thing to know because so much of our sense of safety and our relationship to our sexuality is embedded and governed by our primal brain.

CHILDBIRTH, at its best, is wholly governed by the primal brain.

Once you know this delightful fact about the connection between scent and your primal brain, you can use it consciously in birth to access and create the conditions to support the optimal flow of labor: safety, surrender, love, PLEASURE!

In this Conversation to Transform Birth we discuss HOW to do this with doula and essential oil specialist Rosibel Kersjes.

I’m excited to introduce you to Rosibel Kersjes, a recent graduate of the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training, and share with you her profound wisdom around this topic!

Rosibel is a native from South America where she grew up. She has been a massage therapist, holistic skin care specialist and an essential oils consultant for 10 years now. She has been using essential oils very successfully to assist mothers and their partners in labor since she became a doula about five years ago. Some of her trainings are: Dona, The Matrona, Dancing for Birth, Ecstatic Birth, Aromatherapy for birth, among others. She has her own practice in Kalamazoo, MI where she resides. 

Rosibel and I speak about the relationship between scent and the primal brain and share suggestions for HOW you can use this to support ease and pleasure in childbirth.

Nuggets from our conversation:

*Scent is a gateway into your primal brain

*You can evoke moods and memories through the scent of smell

*Essential oils are plant based and potent access points to your limbic system

*Oils can be used to promote relaxation in the birthing field for moms, partners and the support team

*They can also be used to stimulate pleasure and oxytocin flow

*It is important for birthworkers to care for themselves, their bodies, and energy as well as caring for their clients.

*Always consult wtih a practitioner and oil specialist as some can be contraindicated.

….and so much MORE!

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