Self-Advocacy in Childbirth

How do you stand for yourself during pregnancy and birth?

How do you navigate a system that may not align with your desires?

How do you engage with your providers and support team to ensure you are seen and honored?

These are BIG questions when you are preparing for birth and absolutely ESSENTIAL if you want an Ecstatic Birth.

In this Conversation to Transform Birth with Women and Newborn Health Specialist, Tamara Hawkins we dive deep into empowerment and self-advocacy in pregnancy and birth.

As Tamara so beautifully articulates, our greatest power does not come from standing strong and fighting for what we want no matter who gets in our way… (though I personally do love that level of ferocity!) but from connecting to the humanity within ourselves and others.

Here is a pathway that FEEEELS better all around. Listen.. and be inspired!


** You have a right to have DESIRES around your birth

** Safety and best outcomes is NOT about self-abnegation

** Education plays a vital role in empowerment and self-advocation

** Open conversations with providers with questions rather than demands

** If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right

** Connect with the humanity of each person you meet in your birth journey 

** Trust that everyone wants your highest good and communicate from that place

** BRAIN: a powerful acronym for how to navigate your options in the moment in labor (explanation begins around the 37 minute time mark)

…and so much MORE!!

Women and Newborn Health Specialist. Defender of Reproductive Justice and Breastfeeding Rights. Sister Goddess. Pleasure Revolutionary. Tamara Hawkins supports people to get pregnant, stay pregnant, have an empowered birth and reach their own breastfeeding goals using functional medicine, traditional wisdom, and empathy.

She blends her 20+ year experience as a Maternal Child Health RN, Childbirth Educator, 15 years as an IBCLC, 8 years as a Family Nurse Practitioner, 11 years as a Certified Health Counselor to empower families to heal themselves.

You’ll love hearing what she has to say!!

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