Sensations of Pleasure in Birth

There are so many factors that affect our birth experiences.

  • Our desires
  • Our fears
  • Our bodies
  • Our relationship to our sexuality
  • Our upbringing
  • Our personal, cultural, and religious beliefs
  • Our medical system
  • Our support network
  • On and on…

But there is one thing that make birthing with pleasure more available to you than any other…

It is quite simple.

What opens the biggest doorway to your highest experience is knowing what is possible for you!

Hearing the stories of women who experienced pleasure, ecstasy or orgasm in childbirth, what it felt like, what it looked like…. 

THIS inspires realms of possibilities: new thoughts, desires, behaviors and opportunities for you that would not otherwise have existed.

We received such a powerful transmission from Lisa Weinstein who so bravely and boldly shared her birth experiences with us.

Lisa gave potent words and feelings to the layers of Ecstasy and Orgasmic pleasure possible in childbirth.

If you have any doubt….
Curious how it is possible…
Want to understand what the heck I mean…


Lisa so eloquently puts words to the sensations she experienced that she has US ALL feeling them alongside her.

Some Nuggets from our Conversation:

**Energy flows through the body from and out into the universe
**Presence and connection to sensation are 2 key ingredients
**Birth sensations transcend every orgasmic experience we’ve ever had
**There is a powerful transmission that happens in birth that feeds you in motherhood
**The potential for healing the planet is immense
**Support contributes and expands the orgasmic feeling

Pleasure in birth is wonderful and, as you know, I am all for it!

AND what I REALLY want you to witness when I speak to Lisa, is how that experience reverberates into motherhood.

Which, of course, reverberates into our children, the next generation… 

The future of our planet ❤️

Mamas, your felt experience is SO important.

Would you like support in preparing for your Ecstatic Birth?

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