To Keep You Warm On These Dark Days…

Here in New York, it is DARK (and getting darker…)
It is COLD (and getting colder…)

I used to feel like I was entering into hell this time of year…  and I’d resist, resist, resist until, of course, nature won.

Birth has taught me that every contraction exists for my next expansion. 
Winter is a time of deep contraction.

Physically, my body is tight.. not nearly as open as in the warm summer months.
Emotionally, I crave solitude.

There is deep work to do here in this contraction, and ohhhh if I really allow myself to follow the flow rather than resist, it  will feel soooo good.

With the descent of darkness I surrender now and go within…   

(Art by Darlene Jones)

My invitation to you on this Winter Solstice.. 
(Summer Solstice friends, of course you can enjoy this too!):

Take some time to connect with your body.

✨Sit in darkness
✨Light a candle
✨Breath and FEEL her
✨Feel her as you would your newest lover… full attention, curiosity, and LOVE
✨No agenda

For those of you that get antsy… set a timer. 5 minutes or more, your choose.

When so much of your energy goes outward, coming back in consciously can be deeply nourishing.

Did you know your oxytocin can flow just from being with yourself in this cozy connected way?

It is a worthy state to cultivate and will bring you gifts you can not even begin to imagine.

This state of presence, pulsating feeling, opens the doorway to the ECSTATIC FLOW in your body.

Plant your seeds for the New Year in this spot from their most potent activation!

Oooooooo YESSSS!