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Things have felt really funny as I’ve had a whole lotta time to myself lately. I’m looking around and realizing that my babies are no longer babies… (the little one is in 2nd grade!)

Despite feeling, for years, that I didn’t have enough time to bring my visions to fruition, it’s interesting to notice that I am exactly where I need to be right now.

My births changed me and supporting others in birth has changed me even more profoundly. To witness what can happen when we drop the resistance, the fear, and surrender to the deep wisdom within our bodies..  wow.

All I can say is that Ecstatic Birth prep reverberates far beyond birth and deep into motherhood and womanhood.

What has emerged most profoundly for me is a trust in the cyclical nature of the universe in which I am intimately intertwined.

Everything is dancing to a perpetual rhythm of expansion and contraction- the moon, my uterus, my orgasms, and my birthing body.

Of course I am exactly where I need to be right now.. could it any other way?

This quiet summer has come at the perfect moment in my life, a time where I am open and available to stand for expectant mamas more profoundly than ever before.

If you are curious about Ecstatic Birth, what it means, and if it would be possible for you, come talk to me.

If you love the idea, but would like some hand held support navigating your options, come talk to me.

If you are ready to really go for it…

…fully committed to the idea of birthing your babies in pleasure and

…are ready to plunge full heart and soul into your Ecstatic Birth prep…

Come talk to me! (I’ve got a special offering just for you)

I keep space on my calendar for you-

…to discuss your birth desires, fears, options,

…to answer any questions you may have.

and to tell you about the private training program I am currently offering.

Let’s see if it is the support you’ve been looking for. You can book a complimentary 20 minute session with me here:

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

Much love,