The Art of FEELING

What if there was a way to release all your doubts, know you are on the right path, and enjoy yourself along the way?

There is!!.. and it isn’t a magic pill, or a rabbit hole into an alternate universe.

This holy grail exists in the place you are least likely to look…

In the SENSATIONS of your BODY!!

The dominant conversation in birth is about bypassing sensation.. numbing.. avoiding our feeling space at all costs.

Ecstatic Birth is literally turning that upside down because the places that we are taught to avoid are precisely where our power lies.

Today I’m excited to share a guest blog post by Samara Concepcion, a woman who has been devoted to this somatic exploration.

Samara is a birth doula in the UK, a dancer, and an ECSTATIC BIRTH PRACTITIONER!

Savor and delight in every drop that is available to you here in this powerful blog! Samara is an inspiration!

The Art of Feeling Pleasure

The potential for experiencing bliss and ecstasy from within is always present. There is a constant flow of pleasure moving through us at all times. “

When I first heard these words from Sheila Kamara Hay, my whole body opened to receive this wisdom, deep down I knew that this was true.

However, I was curious and wondered why this teaching hadn’t reached me earlier, and why was this so unknown to most. Why aren’t we sourcing from this inner spring of bliss and joy available to us at any given moment?

I have come to realise that it is not because this source is out of reach but because its flow is subtle.

It takes resting our awareness deeper than where we usually place it to feel and perceive the subtle sensations of the body.

It requires drawing our attention inward and valuing the small details of our felt experience. It requires slowing down and fully receiving every single sensation available.

This quality of attention is inherently feminine.

It values our felt experience, the subtle, and communicates the language of the body, not the mind, which is sensation.

It confirms that we can be deeply sensual and alive just by being and feeling. It’s a discrete practice which requires no more than our inward attention.

In my work as a somatic movement practitioner, I am starting to notice how somatic movement practices and female sensuality are deeply interrelated.

As women, we have been sold this idea that we need to do in order to be sensual and sexy. What we don’t recognise is that our sensuality is innate.  As women, our capacity to feel deeply through our body is sensuality in its purest form.

To experience the world through our body and our senses is sensuality.

Not only is this sensory receptiveness innate, it serves a profound and meaningful purpose: it is our gateway to deep insight, clear intuition and our truthful expression.

Somatic practices invite one to experience the body from within; Sheila’s practices are somatic in nature. With so much focus placed on our outward appearance these days, this feminine approach gifts us a life-affirming resource which we can always count on. I have seen it to be a remedy to many women’s doubts, inner conflicts and overwhelm as well as the beginning to their sensual expansion and fulfilment.

It is my belief that the feminine art of feeling detail is a gift worth preserving and cultivating as it leads us to cherish and honour every detail as an expression of potential and fullness.

Samara Concepcion is a labor doula, a dancer and an ECSTATIC BIRTH PRACTITIONER!!

She works in the UK and can be found online at