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The Hardest Part of Birth Prep…

Preparing for an Ecstatic Birth can be So Much FUN.

I mean.. .who doesn’t love expanding pleasure in her life and body?!? Right?

We’ve been trained to put our energy and attention on positive manifestation.

Creation from a place of love and excitement truly is potent work, IF- you’ve done the deep work of clearing out your fears. 

In the almost 10 years I have been doing this work, I have never met a woman that didn’t have resistance to this critical piece of birth prep.

Everyone has fears going into birth.. that is 100% normal and natural- fear of pain, motherhood, c-section, tearing… yes.. and the one mega fear underlying everything:

(Holy smokes.. even writing that out makes my blood run cold.)

Here’s the thing.. fears don’t just live in your head, they also live in your BODY. 
They determine how you run your energy and how much you will allow yourself to surrender in birth.

Fears that are not addressed can run the show in childbirth and that is never a good thing… with fear emerges resistance, with resistance emerges pain…triggering more resistance… and a downward spiral from there.

Looking fears in the eye and EMBRACING them is an integral and essential part of birth preparation.

In this Conversation to Transform Birth, we talk about the HOW.. how can we embrace the unwanted, the darkness, even death. We are going to talk about…

The Dark Feminine

Christina Morassi is a healer turned business coach. She is on a mission to help other women leaders activate Raw Feminine Power and learn how to use it in the natural design of their Feminine Operating System™. 

A huge part of activating this Raw Feminine Power is falling in LOVE with the darkness inherent in the feminine.

**There is so much RAW Feminine Power in the darkness
**With every birth there is death and vice versa.
**The nature of the feminine is cyclical
**The “physics of feminine power” states that polarity is what generates power
**Fear of death governs so much of the patriarchal world culture including the over medicalization of childbirth
**Consciously choosing “metaphorical death” allows us to embrace and flow through the cycles.
**Death is the ultimate surrender
**An invitation to fall in love with the darkness:

Access Christina’s Death ritual here.

I have known Christina personally and professionally for many years and can say with absolute certainty no one loves the Dark Feminine the way she does. No one has surrendered as DEEPLY to her either.

Christina’s journey has unlocked depths of power and energy that she brings to her work and her clients each and every day. She is doing some of the most cutting edge and visionary work on the planet today.

So if you are wondering.. “How in the world can I embrace my fear of death?” you will want to listen to this Conversation to Transform Birth.

Christina is also a featured guest teacher in the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training.


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