The more I melt into my body…

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Looking back on the past year, I realize my overarching theme emerged in full force with the Ecstatic Birth Body Series:

“The more I melt into my body, the harder it is to deny my personal truths.”

And woah…  we really saw how deep body connection can be an INTENSE journey. For some participants, the Body Series was a beautiful awakening into a conscious relationship with their bodies and inner wisdom. For others (and for me personally) – it was like looking the sun in the eye- blinding, terrifying, and always stunning.

It can be really tough to look that inner wisdom in the eye, especially when you’ve been using the full force of your rationality to passionately deny Deny DENY!

And why would you ever want to deny a deep truth?  Fear.

The universe had been sending me messages for several years that it was time to leave New York City and I’d been fighting with everything I have.

Why? Fear. A whole wide spectrum of fears. I could fill pages with my fears.

The more I melted into my body, the more I could feel my way through the world with every nerve ending, the more I could no longer deny that I was done, that my body was deeply craving a more intimate relationship with the earth- for me, for my family. I have spent the last few months relocating and while it hasn’t been easy, I can feel down to my soul that this is really really good. I am now more myself than I have ever been.

Most of the issues related to childbirth have one root cause. Fear. Most mamas-to-be could fill pages with their fears.

You know where all that fear lives, right? In our minds. Our bodies are wise beyond belief and will always guide us to the beautiful blinding light on the other side.

Get to know your body. Listen to its wisdom. Learn to trust. In life, and in birth, it will hold your hand through the fear and guide you exactly, ecstatically, to where you need to be.

With the birth of a new year, anticipation is in the air. It is expected to be a year of big shifts, a year of the reintegration of the divine feminine. Let’s begin by reconnecting, shall we?  What does your body have to say to you today? Stop and FEEL its wisdom.

Sheila Kamara Hay

Hi! I'm Sheila Kamara Hay

I'm an Ecstatic Birth advocate and trainer. I’m passionate about providing you with the tools and resources to create your own Ecstatic Birth.

Much love,
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