What is so sexy about birth???

Recently, I was telling a friend about Ecstatic birth and I noticed that she had a dubious look on her face.
When I questioned her she asked- “So, you’re trying to teach women that they can ENJOY childbirth?”
Yes. I nodded, smiling.
She shook her head condescendingly. “Well, that’s an oxymoron.”

Her reaction is totally understandable, given our cultural messages around birth, the endless TV shows depicting a birthing woman as a shrieking object waiting to be rescued by the doctor or drugs. Given the medicalization of birth, women are more likely to be trading birth war stories, than sharing tales of birth as a pleasurable empowering experience.

I’m totally thrilled to announce that things are changing. I believe that in our lifetime we have the opportunity to turn our cultural inheritance away from fear, pain, and victimization in childbirth and into a legacy of joy, empowerment, and pleasure.

You are here, aren’t you?  Intrigued enough to read this blog, to look for what you know, deep in your soul, exists…

Ladies, there are more films being made, communities being built, books being written, to support women in the reclamation of childbirth than ever before.

And in order to reclaim childbirth, we must reclaim our bodies, we must reconnect. Reconnecting is not a solo sport. Reclamation and reconnection requires mentors, teachers, models, and guides.

From the time we were young girls, we’ve been taught that our bodies are objects and our sexuality exists for someone else’s pleasure. That has a huuuuuge impact on childbirth.

Why?  Because as foreign as it may feel, given our cultural conditioning, childbirth is an inherent part of our sexuality. I mean how else does the baby get in there, right? Childbirth isn’t separate and distinct from all that pleasure. It is the culmination of it. And all the conditions that make for incredible baby making- connection, love, joy- make for incredible birthing.

This is why I designed Ecstatic Birth…where leaders in female sensuality will be teaching alongside leaders in the worlds of birth. I’ve rallied the BEST in these fields to educate every woman who desires it…  Join us and take a stand for rewriting our cultural conception of birth!

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