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The Surprising Consequences of Energy “O”s

In a world full of war, disease and radical injustice, why should you care about learning to have Energy Orgasms?!?

Oh let me count the ways….

1) Energy Orgasms are about FLOW… full body flow!  We know stagnation is the root of all disease. Think of Energy Os as a potent and pleasurable elixir for your highest health and vitality.

2) We are energy. The universe is energy. Energy Os are a sacred gateway into our interconnection to all that is.

3) Have you ever been with a sexual partner and stressed about whether or not you could “achieve” orgasm?? Learning to have an Energetic O removes all of that orgasmic uncertainty. You know, intimately, the pathway to orgasmic bliss and can access that whenever you want.

4) A deep full body Energy “O” will bring up all the stuff that is ready to be cleared. Stuff you may have been holding onto- energetically, emotionally- in your being for days/ weeks/ months/ years. Energy “O”s are your biggest allies on your personal growth journey.

5) Learning to have an Energy “O” is a journey of deep intimacy between you, your body, your breath, and the sensations within. You can’t help but fall deeper in love with the miracle that you are.

6) They are AMAZING for hormone balancing in fertility through menopause! Much like acupuncture they open your energetic channels to allow your sexual energy to flow and with that support your hormonal health.

7) They amplify the PLEASURE you experience in your day to day life. The wind becomes orgasmic. Your breath becomes orgasmic. A flower blossoming… a delicious meal, your loved ones’ skin….  your senses are heightened and there is more pleasure available in every experience.

8) If your experience of orgasm is one of increased tension and resistance and then depletion on the other side of climax, Energy “O”s will rewire you so that your orgasms can feel nourishing and enlivening, rather than draining.

9) They blast your heart open. You will literally have more love to give.

10) Ecstatic Birth… this has been the basis of nearly everything I have been teaching for the past 10 years. In birth there is more energy flowing through your body than any other time.. that can feel scary and overwhelming and kick up a whole lot of resistance and pain. Learning to open to that endless flow of pleasure within… serves you deeply in transforming the experience of birth from pain to pleasure!!

This list of 10 is just scratching the surface… I could keep going….

Let me widen the vision just a bit more.

  • Can you imagine a world where everyone is deeply feed and nourished by their connection to all that is?  Where…
  • Bliss and ecstasy are a part of our felt experience day in and day out?
  • Each being is so deeply in LOVE with themselves and the divine spark in each other?
  • Babies are born and raised in this imprint?
  • Living in our bodies on this planet is a holy rapturous experience?

Revel here for a moment and then go back to the initial question I posed–

In a world full of war, disease and radical injustice, why should you care about learning to have Energy Orgasms?!?

Got the answer??


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