Train for Pleasure

Pregnancy was an incredible, awe-inspiring experience for me.I loved that my body was gestating a new life. I loved that it knew what to do, that it was tapping into a primal template and that I had to do very little in conscious support.

I wanted to feel that same sense of super-humaness with my birth experience. To feel that primal force move through my body and guide it to birth. The problem was, short of taking a natural childbirth class, I didn’t know how to prepare for that.

I had no idea about optimal birthing conditions.

I underestimated the role of support.

I misunderstood the degree of surrender required.

I was in the dark about the landscape of hospital vs. homebirth.

I didn’t know how to connect to my body and its wisdom.

I had no clue pleasure even had a place at the table of birth.

It wasn’t until my second pregnancy that I stood for my desire and tapped into every resource that was available to me. It was only then that I learned what it really takes to prepare– emotionally, physically, and spiritually– for an Ecstatic Birth.

What blew me away was discovering HOW good birth could be…Training Sessions

The Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions include every resource I tapped into (and more) firsthand. They provide an unprecedented opportunity to learn directly from the experts in the field. They offer exercises, inspire cultural shifts, and provide roadmaps for tapping into all that can be.

Ecstatic BIrth Training Sessions

Open the doors of possibility for yourself, a friend, a client by purchasing the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions.

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