Transforming your Birth Biz with PLEASURE

Just like we were NEVER told that pleasure is an essential part of the birthing process, many of us weren’t trained in consciously using pleasure to support our business.

Instead we are taught to prioritize marketing strategies and industry best practices, things that are dictated by outside sources.

As birth workers, the bulk of our energy is also directed outward as we pour our love and attention on our clients.

This is the recipe for chronic DEPLETION, exhaustion and even illness.

What if instead there was a way to get nourished and energized from doing the work that you love??

What if that actually helped expand your business, helped it grow and THRIVE??

There is! When you use PLEASURE as your guiding force, your north star…. 

This is why I am so excited for you meet Katerina who has been doing just that and seeing her business thrive while her energy and JOY also expand.


*When working with clients, give the BODY an experience of pleasure

*Embodied experiences are easier to access in birth than information

*Working with clients in this ways is also deeply nourishing and energizing to the practitioner’s body

*Following your PLEASURE is a powerful way to expand your leadership

*Your JOY and enthusiasm magnetizes clients to you more than any Biz strategy

*Non-Violent communication can be used to support energy flow in challenging situations in and out of the birthing room

…and so much MORE!

PS- PLEASURE is the most powerful and underrated tool in the birthing room and in our lives and work!!

Want better birth outcomes for your clients? PLEASURE

Want to grow your birth business? PLEASURE

Want to feel nourished in your life and work? PLEASURE

Want vibrant health and joy? PLEASURE

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Much Love,