Virtual Birth Work: The Power Of Energetics In A Hands Off World

One of the gifts of NOW is learning to bridge the worlds of the physical and energetic.

With self-quarantine and social distancing mandates, our access to the physical is suddenly limited.

Teaching Ecstatic Birth to all kinds of practitioners, I have noticed that often there is an unnecessary boundary between energy work and body work.

While we are all quite aware that there is an interplay between our energy body and our physical body, most modalities of support focus on one or the other.

I’ve never really thought about it in quite this way before, but… Ecstatic Birth preparation integrates both. After all orgasmic energy is deeply felt in the body!

So what happens when one of your senses is suddenly restricted? You begin to develop your other senses!!

This is what is happening right now all over the planet…

People that work in the physical realm of the body, that are used to physically feeling the body, are now developing an ability to energetically feel.

I’m honored to be sitting right on the front lines of this transition, supporting and witnessing doula clients and friends make the leap.  

Reports from the front are overwhelmingly positive!

Last week, doula Mary Kalau shared her first virtual doula experience with us. 

In her words, it was a, “gift beyond all others! It is always an honor to be present at such a sacred time, but this somehow felt deeper, more profound in many ways…the oxytocin flowed even through the phone line. ❤️”   

In this Conversation to Transform Birth, I delve even deeper into the topic.

Romy Finbow, a London based doula, pregnancy yoga teacher and Ecstatic Birth practitioner had a packed client roster for March and April and has successfully taken all her birth prep and support virtual. In this video she shares her experiences, what works, tips for preparation for perinatal professionals and mothers.

*Virtual birth support is just as powerful as in person support
*Preparation of the body is more important than ever
*These are the times to “Dance with the Unexpected”
*The more you can FEEL, the more effective you can be at tapping into the birthing field and your client
*Birth support is especially necessary in these intense times
*Navigating fears is always a core component of perinatal care and now ever more so
*Feeling for energetic flow is a core component of in-person or virtual support
*Create a sacred space wherever you are

To contact Romy, find her on instagram @romy_finbow_doula

Romy candidly shares the skills that she has developed in the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training  that have uniquely empowered her in this shift. 

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