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What do Sensual Expansion and Birth Preparation Have in Common?

You know that super high super giddy feeling of crazy energy running through you when you are soooooo excited about something?!?!?

I’ve been running on that since I launched the Ecstatic Birth Foundation Series. I am SO high off that baby. Let me show you why–

10 INCREDIBLE pioneers in the field of birth and sensuality,
Over 80 passionate women, 13 different countries, representing all 5 continents,
Pregnant women, birth professionals, and women who plan on getting pregnant someday, all cracking open their beliefs about birth together, in community!

I’ve been receiving love notes from participants with lines like these:

“I’m writing to thank you for your outstanding work in creating and hosting the first Ecstatic Birth TeleSummit. Each week I couldn’t believe how good the wealth of information was that I was receiving. My baby’s birth, due late June, will come in the most amazingly beautiful way (no matter how he chooses to come) thanks to what I now know from Ecstatic Birth TeleSummit. There are no words to express my gratitude for that. You and each of your speakers have empowered me beyond belief.”

–Cara J., expectant mother.

[The Ecstatic Birth Foundation Series] is brilliant!!! Thank you! I was just talking with my husband and he asked me if I was learning something new from every class. Without hesitation I said YES!!!!  I learn something new from every class! AND I listen to the recordings to make sure I did not miss something from the lecture and still learn more. I want to tell you how grateful I am for all the thought, sweat, time, and effort you have put into putting this Tele-Summit together. I am so glad I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this. I love, love, LOVE the growth it has given me!

–Andrea, Dona certified doula.

Can you see why I’ve been positively jittery with excitement?

But staying high like that, let me tell you, it starts to feel really uncomfortable. I mean, I’m not used to energy of that magnitude running through my body and I noticed myself starting to block it, ignore it, shut it down…

Whoa! I don’t get it. Why would I be shutting it down? Wasn’t all that went down at the Ecstatic Birth Tele-Summit great? Phenomenal even?

Yes. But. My body simply wasn’t used to it. I had to remind myself to breathe. To move. To circulate that energy, to integrate it into my body, so I could go even higher and open even more- JUST LIKE IN BIRTH!

The sheer amount of life-force energy flowing through a woman’s body at birth is staggering and can often feel frightening if you don’t know what to do with it and nothing stalls labor like fear, right? You know what else this is like? Hint: Think about when else you might beg someone to stop, because it is just too much, too good?? Yup, it is all inter-related. Sensual expansion is an incredible birth prep tool because it teaches you what to do with massive amounts of energy, how to integrate it for your pleasure as opposed to resist it because it is too much to handle.

Ladies, it is time to reconnect!


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