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When a sex coach gives birth…!!!

I’m excited to share with you this Conversation to Transform Birth. In many ways this woman is the embodiment and culmination of my visions for Ecstatic Birth.

Let me explain… 
14 years ago I was fiercely preparing for the birth of my 2nd child learning everything I possibly could about the body and natural birth. At the same time I was chest deep in the study of PLEASURE as both a student and writer at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts in NYC.

The moment that I realized the language of sensual and orgasmic expansion and the language of natural birth were one and the same I got a full body rush of energy and I knew I was onto something BIG.

Here’s what I noticed:

In both birth preparation and orgasmic expansion there is a lot of talk about sensation, staying deeply connected to the body, trance states, and learning to handle huge amounts of energy flow.

While the intent differs, the tools in both modalities are one and the same: breath, movement, sound, and visualization and attention!

Well… surprise!
Birth is a sexual act.
Reclaiming and fully owning that statement is the work of these times.

Birth is not separate and distinct from our sexuality. It is the culmination of it!

Childbirth education begins the same day your sexual education begins: the day you are born.

So to bring full consciousness to your journey, to prepare for an Ecstatic Birth, you must unravel a lifetime of cultural conditioning and experiences that often puts you at odds with your own body and sexuality.

Women, we’ve got some serious reclamation to take on!! This is why I always encourage mothers-to-be to begin AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

Committing to a journey of sensual and orgasmic expansion is the most radical, effective, and pleasurable act of birth preparation a woman can take on!!

So what does it look like when someone fully committed to their sexual reclamation and expansion gives birth?

I’m super excited to show you…

I met Erika Alsborn last year when I decided to take a deeper dive in my own training by becoming a certified sex coach through Layla Martin’s Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Erika was a master teacher in the program.

Diving deep into the body, Erika is a sex and birth coach, jade egg teacher and registered nurse.  The past decade she has immersed herself in exploring the body, mind and sexuality from many different angles and approaches – the academic, the medical, the spiritual and the holistic. 

In 2019 Erika gave birth to her first child and through that experience realized how transformative childbirth is and can be and now is dedicated to shifting the current narrative around birth. Her  mission is to help women have positive, empowered and orgasmic birth experiences!

Wahoo….!!  A woman after my own heart.

When a Sex Coach Gives Birth! 

Here are some delicious nuggets from our talk:

**Tap into your autonomy to empower your birth (and life)

**Birth is the culmination of our sexuality

**Holistic sex tools support you in staying present with sensation

**Waves and waves of ecstatic and orgasmic pleasure are accessible in birth

**Birth is an experience that calls in all parts of you

**Despite the pandemic you are NOT powerless And so much more….!!!

Connect with Erika on Instagram @erikaalsborn

 Sensual expansion is the foundation of everything we do in the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training, embodying the tools and practices so we can nourish ourselves and be more effective with our clients.

If this conversation TURNS YOU ON.. I invite you to join the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training!!!


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