Why I LOVE the Moon

We are entering the darkest days of the year here in New York.

Dark like the womb
Dark like the depths of the earth

Dark like these very places where seeds get planted and nurtured as they prepare to arrive on this planet.

This darkness is the heart of creation. It is in this darkness that the very seed of desire is sparked.

I love the moon because it shines in this darkness.
I love the sun too– how it wakes me with its beauty and vibrance.

Here is a sample of the gift I receive each morning.

The rhythm of the sun moves too quick for me, each day passing before I know it.

I love the moon because it cycles to the rhythm of my body.

With its fullness it reminds me to celebrate fully, to shine in the glory of all that has come to pass.

With its darkness it reminds me to create space to nurture the seed of creation.

This winter solstice we are blessed to have a full moon, the peak of darkness and the peak of moonlight dancing together.

It feels like a fitting way to close the year- to celebrate the many gifts of 2018 and plant seeds for those things we desire most in 2019.

Here I am writing you with my moon shirt on!

The very nature of creation is cyclical, like the sun, the moon, the seasons and our bodies.

That is the very thing I want to honor in 2019:

To create with a deep connection to my body, to my pleasure, in tune with my internal rhythms, in full alignment with my feminine design.

I have heard resoundingly that you want that too, I will be offering another option for the Ecstatic Goddess program, that is both accessible and powerful.

Stay tuned for that.

Much love to you and yours during this holiday season!