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When to say yes (or no)…

I had a really busy weekend with my family this weekend. We had a great line-up of events, gatherings, and activities. But rather than enjoy myself, I felt a bit like I was running an obstacle course. I had no time to settle into any one thing, but ran myself right out of my pleasure trying to make it all work.

I feel really blessed to live in an abundant time and place, but that level of available choices can back-fire on me if I don’t take the time to honor what works for me. Even a trip to the supermarket can feel stressful.

This was a lesson I learned when I was pregnant and preparing for my births- there was so much to do and my due date was rapidly approaching, it was easy to feel overwhelmed, even stressed. I hear this level of overwhelm over and over again from the women I work with.

We are so lucky to live in a time where there so much information about childbirth right at our fingertips and more and more emerges each day. There are so many books, dvds, live classes, online trainings… It is virtually impossible to do them all. How do we choose?

The key, I believe, is developing a strong relationship with your inner wisdom. It is a very different voice than that of your mind. Your inner wisdom has access to all of you, your life experiences, your hopes, dreams, and fears.

Learning to tap into your inner wisdom is one of the essential ingredients to preparing for an Ecstatic Birth.

The wisdom of birth is at its essence the wisdom of life. Preparing for an Ecstatic Birth opens the door to finding ecstasy in life as a mother and beyond.

Most of us live in our heads and our mental thinking is rational, but not full bodied. My mind said “yes” to all these beautiful commitments this past weekend because each on its own was great. Had I taken a moment to practice what I preach, I would have made different choices for how I spent my time this past weekend, choices that would have fully honored my being.

For those of us living in the western world, it can be so easy to get lost in our abundance. We are surrounded by good and plenty. Learning to navigate all of that with ease is essential if we are going to stay in our pleasure. I believe learning to be guided by our inner wisdom is the next stage of our evolution as people.

What better place to begin that practice than preparing for the birth of your child?

In OBABY! my signature Ecstatic Birth Training for Mothers to be, you will receive practices to help you connect and deepen your relationship to your body and your inner wisdom.

Till then, when evaluating your choices, don’t just ask yourself “Is it good?”, take it one step further. The essential question is truly “Is it good for me?”


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