Yoni Healing and Birth

How is it possible to turn pain to pleasure in childbirth?

How is it possible to transform our birthing culture into one that empowers women rather than objectifies or victimizes them?

How is it possible to support clients in Ecstatic Birth?

The answer to all of these questions and more.. is always the same.

The KEY to transforming birth lies in your BODY.

Whether you are a future or expectant mom, a birth professional, or a visionary passionate about this right of passage…

The KEY to transforming birth lies in your BODY.

This is where it all begins… 

Your body is the connection between you and your humanity.
Your body is the home of sensation, of pleasure, of ecstasy.
Your body is the living and breathing altar for all you believe and strive to create.
Your body is your greatest, most powerful, tool of CREATION.

I invite you to consider what is most important to you about birth (or really anything) and ask yourself, 
“Does that live in my body?”

If you want pleasure in birth– Does your body know pleasure? Does she know pleasure amidst intensity? How can you expand your capacity for pleasure?

If you want empowerment- Does that feeling live in your body? Does she move with empowerment? How can you deepen the empowerment that she carries?

If you want to transform the birthing culture with your sacred work- How are you honoring the sacred within your own body? What levels of transformation does she hold? What are you committed to elevating in her cells?

In this interview with Michelle Alva, physical therapist, pelvic floor specialist, energy healer and tantra practitioner we discussed-

The Power of Yoni Healing as a Form of Birth Preparation.

*Sexual energy is HEALING energy
*We store and hold so much in our bodies and our yonis
*Birth expands the flow of energy in our bodies and challenges anything we are holding in our tissues
*Releasing shame, trauma, pain from our tissues paves the way for more PLEASURE in life, in birth
*Michelle shares 2 easy and powerful practices for expectant moms, birthworkers, and all women to expand in PLEASURE
*The journey begins with ourselves and our bodies always!

And so much more!

You can connect with Michelle on IG @michellealvalove

To learn more about pleasurable birth, register for- “The Essential Keys to Ecstatic Birth: A 5 Day Primer on Birthing with Pleasure” https://ecstatic-birth.com/free-training/

Much Love,