Yoni Mapping

I can’t wait for you to meet Ylia Sawitzki, a midwife working in New Zealand who has been immersed in pleasure and birth right from my very first event nearly 10 years ago!!! (Woah how time flies!!).

Ylia has been studying YONI MAPPING and will be sharing her wisdom with us in this Conversations to Transform birth.

Did you know that your Yoni holds memories? Trauma?

That she has reflexology points within associated with your entire body?

Your YONI is the gateway to pain or PLEASURE in birth…

And Lovely, if you care about birth outcomes… 
No more excuses.

Your YONI is the gateway to pain or PLEASURE in birth!!


*Preparing for Ecstasy in Birth IS preparing for Ecstasy in life (and vice versa)

*We hold so much memory in our Yonis

*The dominant expression is SHAME (the main cause of disconnect)

*Yoni Mapping releases trauma and builds neural pathways for pleasure

*Begin with loving intention, touch and approval for your body

*The journey to pleasure and expansion is ever deepening and infinite!

…and so much MORE!

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Much Love,