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The Difference YOU (and only you) can make!

When I was a little girl, I knew I was special and that I had come here for a reason.

I know I’m not alone here.

I know that you feel this way too… (or used to).

This is not unusual or arrogant, but this is what is REAL.

We are all special and we have all come here for a very profound reason: to BE and EXPRESS ourselves fully.

This is particularly relevant NOW, at a time when many of us are wondering–how SHOULD we show up and be the change we want to see in the world???

And that Q right there is precisely the problem. There is no SHOULD.

Should implies a disconnection between you and yourself, an evaluation of you, your inner landscape, your feelings, your actions from outside of yourself.

Just like there is no place you SHOULD give birth. There is no way you SHOULD give birth… There is no way that you SHOULD show up in this lifetime.

There is only the right way for YOU.

So let’s stop “should-ing” on ourselves and take a big ol’ breath and come back home to ourselves.

What is real for you?
What do you hold sacred?
What attracts you?
Where do you feel your energy guiding you?

Your body holds the key to navigating your path, in birth and in life.

Working with the body is the cornerstone of EVERYTHING I do with my expectant moms and birthworkers.

Coming back home to ourselves, our truth, the sensations of pain and pleasure within… honoring these is the only pathway to Ecstatic Birth and LIFE.  

It is all there… that difference that YOU (and only you) can make…  That reason YOU are here. You are special. I know it. You know it.

The truth is deep in your body and when you can connect to that spot and allow it to guide you, you can’t help but show up in your FULL ECSTATIC EXPRESSION.

It is my deepest honor to support you in connecting to your body’s ecstatic flow, that unique truth that is only yours and having that fuel you and guide you on your path–

Whether you feel called to that for birth.. or life.. it is all one and the same. I’m here for you.

Private Training Packages

Let’s bring you home to your unique truth and allow pleasure to fuel you on your path.
In Birth… In Life…
…Your body holds your deepest wisdom.

Whether you’d like to prepare for the Ecstatic Birth of your baby….

Or experience own Ecstatic Re-Birth into your Full Feminine Power…

These intimate 1:1 sessions will take you on a journey back to your body and unveil how to use the power of PLEASURE to birth all your creations from that deeply connected space.

I’ve got three packages to meet your appetite– Pick your pleasure! 

Let’s Get Started: 3 pack  These highly customized sessions include body practices, meditation, and coaching. This package includes 3 hour-long private sessions, guided practices between sessions + unlimited email support over a 3 month period. Sessions are virtual using zoom audio or video.

I’m All In: 6 pack  These highly customized sessions include body practices, meditation and coaching. This package includes 6 hour-long private sessions, guided practices between sessions + unlimited email support over a 6 month period.  Sessions are virtual using zoom audio or video.

Like Royalty!: VIP day  For women that want it all, want it now, and want it LIVE. We will spend the day together (10am to 5pm) in a beautiful spot in NYC. We luxuriate and melt and transform and train your body to create all your desires through PLEASURE.

“Very powerful. I was amazed at how many places in my body were shut down and lifeless/colorless.  Thanks for holding the space for me. For guiding and encouraging me.
Lots of amazing changes taking place…. I feel more myself than ever before!”- Meg C.  


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The Ecstatic Goddess

The Ecstatic Goddess journey is an invitation to forge a revolutionary new path in birthing your soul's babies: your dreams and desires, a path that honors the body and the feminine.

We will explore the underlying design of the Feminine FLOW of Creation™ - a blueprint that will lead you back to your body, amplify your ecstatic pleasure, and allow you to realize your deepest desires with ease and joy!

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Pleasure reBirth,

a Sensual Expansion journey

You will learn how these 3 elements can really support you in navigating intensity in a way that FEELS good.