Birthing Your Dreams With PLEASURE

As we look forward to the new year many of us are dreaming about what we would like to create in 2019.

The very act of being alive is a constant flow of creation, but this marker in time gives us the inspiration to consider our dreams consciously.

What is it that you would like to bring into this world in 2019? A baby? A relationship? A creative project? A new version of you?


The reason so many of us struggle to create our dreams is the same reason so many women suffer in birth.

We are acting despite our design, rather than in the flow of it.

I have a unique perspective when it comes to birthing with PLEASURE and here is what I have found–

The process of preparing to birth with pleasure is a reclamation of the divine feminine within each of us.

Learning to birth our babies with pleasure requires us to understand and honor our feminine design, move our energy from our heads into our bodies, and trust deeply the wisdom found in our feeling space.

Whew…  that is no small thing. In fact it is the biggest thing there is–

It is the embodiment of the rising feminine on the planet!
It is our connection to our fierce feminine power!

Nature has provided us this blueprint, the Feminine Cycle of Creation, to birth all our creations in pleasure.

In the Ecstatic Goddess program, I am your personal doula as you consciously prepare and birth your metaphorical babies with pleasure.

During the group sessions, I will give you all the information you need to honor your feminine design and the practices that will support you in each phase.

Our private sessions are tailored to your particular spot, releasing points of resistance, and supporting your flow.

Through it all the focus will be on YOUR BODY:  locating, feeling, and expanding the ECSTASY within.

What is your deepest, most sacred desire?
Are you ready to say YES to it?
Are you ready to create it fully aligned with your feminine design?

If so please join me: The Ecstatic Goddess

I will be there at your side each step of the way as you reBirth yourself in your power, your pleasure, and your feminine essence.