I Believe in You

No matter how tired, overwhelmed or frustrated you may feel, Ecstasy is within you.

I have seen it time and time again with my clients–

An activation occurs through consistent, devoted body connection.

✨What feels impossible becomes possible… 
✨Your soul’s purpose ignites!
✨You become more effective while “grinding” less.
✨You connect with your feminine power, that witchy magic that has the universe conspiring in your favor each step of the way. 

Whether you are pregnant, a perinatal professional or a woman ready for re-Birth, your body is HUNGRY for this.

It is time for a radical change, a different way of being than what society is offering you…

A way that honors your body, your feminine design, your process, your FLOW… 

To Keep You Warm On These Dark Days…

Here in New York, it is DARK (and getting darker…)
It is COLD (and getting colder…)

I used to feel like I was entering into hell this time of year…  and I’d resist, resist, resist until, of course, nature won.

Birth has taught me that every contraction exists for my next expansion. 
Winter is a time of deep contraction.

Physically, my body is tight.. not nearly as open as in the warm summer months.
Emotionally, I crave solitude.

There is deep work to do here in this contraction, and ohhhh if I really allow myself to follow the flow rather than resist, it  will feel soooo good.

With the descent of darkness I surrender now and go within…   

(Art by Darlene Jones)

How to Call in Ecstasy

How often do you experience ecstasy?
Is it enough for you?
Or do you want MORE?
(Most of us want MORE..  special invitation below if that is you!)

The experience of true ecstasy is deeply nourishing but it is also quite elusive.

The truth is it isn’t that hard to locate ecstasy. We have just been looking in all the wrong places.

The place where ecstasy lives is the place that you have been conditioned to ignore.

Your BODY.

(Ever ignored your need to pee because you were “busy?”… Yup, me too)

We have been trained to live in our heads while ecstasy lives in our BODIES.

Complimentary Masterclass!

I want you (and every woman) to have an Ecstatic Birth!

I’ve got you covered.

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Essential Keys to Ecstatic Birth:
Opening to Pleasure in Childbirth

In this training we will dive into-

✨The levels of ecstasy available to you in birth

✨Mindset shifts to support your receptivity

✨How to circumnavigate common cultural landmines

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After The Contraction- A Blissful EXPANSION!!

I love my contractions!! 

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but truly when I get on the other side of all that intensity–

The bliss, the opening, the EXPANSION is worth every contracted moment I experienced.

It is almost impossible to remember that when I am fully in it and every fiber of my being wants out..

Whether your contractions are in the physical act of labor, or emotional soul level contractions on your journey, our current patterns of resisting or numbing aren’t serving us, but only perpetuating the intensity.