“P” is for Pleasure and Power and P**?

This guest blog post is by Jenny Braxton, Mama, birth visionary, educator & community leader and ECSTATIC BIRTH PRACTITIONER!

I entered my feminine form through the pelvic bowl of my mother, journeying from her womb out into the world on the day I was born. It was a long and arduous journey, devoid of pleasure.

{Until she held me in her arms, of course. Then let’s hope there was bliss.}

We all start life in a pelvic bowl, in the wombs of our mothers. From there, we are born into the world.

My entrance into the world was imprinted onto my being at a deep level, in what’s known as the limbic brain, that ancient, reptilian part of myself. My imprint was that becoming a mother is difficult and full of pain.

Jenny Braxton

Why I LOVE the Moon

We are entering the darkest days of the year here in New York.

Dark like the womb
Dark like the depths of the earth

Dark like these very places where seeds get planted and nurtured as they prepare to arrive on this planet.

This darkness is the heart of creation. It is in this darkness that the very seed of desire is sparked.

I love the moon because it shines in this darkness.
I love the sun too– how it wakes me with its beauty and vibrance, but the rhythm of the sun moves too quick for me, each day passing before I know it.

I love the moon because it cycles to the rhythm of my body.

Birthing Your Dreams With PLEASURE

As we look forward to the new year many of us are dreaming about what we would like to create in 2019. 

The very act of being alive is a constant flow of creation, but this marker in time gives us the inspiration to consider our dreams consciously.

What is it that you would like to bring into this world in 2019? A baby? A relationship? A creative project? A new version of you?

The reason so many of us struggle to create our dreams is the same reason so many women suffer in birth.

We are acting despite our design, rather than in the flow of it. 

I have a unique perspective when it comes to birthing with PLEASURE and here is what I have found–

The process of preparing to birth with pleasure is a reclamation of the divine feminine within each of us.

Learning to birth our babies with pleasure requires us to understand and honor our feminine design, move our energy from our heads into our bodies, and trust deeply the wisdom found in our feeling space.  

Whew…  that is no small thing. In fact it is the biggest thing there is–

It is the embodiment of the rising feminine on the planet!
It is our connection to our fierce feminine power!

Nature has provided us this blueprint, the Feminine Cycle of Creation, to birth all our creations in pleasure.

I need this desperately and so do you

Ever beat up on yourself for not showing up the way you thought you “should”?

I know I have.
I am a classic introvert.

I need a whole lot of time to myself to feel nourished.
I’m pretty quiet by nature.
And I would rather be real with one person over a cup of tea than put on a smile and go to a party.

Growing up that had a huge WRONG label written all over it.

My organic way of being challenged my parents, triggered strangers, and had me expending all kinds of energy to become “RIGHT” by societal standards.

It was exhausting and soul crushing.

One of my core journeys has been to get right with myself and I have, in a large part thanks to increased information, research and activism on the topic. (Thank you Susan Cain!).

Learning about my design has been pivotal in being able to truly honor and approve of myself.

It has released my energy to create and contribute in ways that feel amazing to me.

(Me, soaking in the love of our oldest trees at Sequoia National Park)

The basis of supporting women and practitioners in Ecstatic Birth is getting in alignment with the design of the female body in birth and preparing for childbirth from that place.

This work has revealed a massive layer of “WRONGNESS” that women have internalized due to…
living in a feminine body in a world that is designed and optimized for masculine ways of being.

This extends waaaaay beyond childbirth.
It touches every aspect of our lives.
It affects how we show up and how we create (no pain no gain!).
It affects our energy levels (anyone depleted?)
And ultimately it affects how we feel about ourselves (Wrong! Not good enough…)

The Difference YOU (and only you) can make!

When I was a little girl, I knew I was special and that I had come here for a reason. 

I know I’m not alone here.

I know that you feel this way too… (or used to).

This is not unusual or arrogant, but this is what is REAL.

We are all special and we have all come here for a very profound reason: to BE and EXPRESS ourselves fully.

This is particularly relevant NOW, at a time when many of us are wondering–how SHOULD we show up and be the change we want to see in the world???

And that Q right there is precisely the problem. There is no SHOULD.

Should implies a disconnection between you and yourself, an evaluation of you, your inner landscape, your feelings, your actions from outside of yourself.

Just like there is no place you SHOULD give birth. There is no way you SHOULD give birth… There is no way that you SHOULD show up in this lifetime.

There is only the right way for YOU.