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Ecstatic Birth is 100% Teachable and Learnable!

Ecstatic Births are possible for EVERYONE. You can prepare for them. You can teach them. You can support clients in them. I can say this confidently and unequivocally because I have been sharing this work for over 10 years now. And training practitioners to support their clients in Ecstatic Birth ...

Improve Birth Outcomes Dramatically!

During my daughter's birth. I labored in a tub was rocking all my tools, presence and breath. But then I transition hit and I was DONE. Every fiber of my being felt like..."I just can't do this anymore!" I began to actively resist the contractions. My doula brought her face ...

MY BODY FEELS… antidote for when things seem “hard”

The last few weeks I’ve found myself dragging my feet around the house, struggling to write at my computer, very very SLOW and if I’m honest, a little confused … My animal body is grieving the loss of my college boy’s presence. It doesn’t matter that I am happy for ...

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Essential Keys to Ecstatic Birth


It’s time to turn everything you’ve been told about childbirth upside down and inside out. Get instant access to this FREE masterclass to learn more about the PLEASURE available to you in birth and how to access it.

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Complimentary masterclass

for Perinatal and Birth Practitioners

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Empower your clients with skills and practices that strengthen their connection to their bodies and their fierce feminine wisdom.

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Pleasure reBirth,

a Sensual Expansion journey

You will learn how these 3 elements can really support you in navigating intensity in a way that FEELS good.

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The Most Holistic Birthing Tool

How can we support a birth to progress with as much ease as possible? There are many many tools an expectant mama and her ...

Embodiment for Birth Anti-Racism and Postpartum Nourishment

Given our cultural conditioning and legacy giving birth can feel pretty scary as it is. Add in a pandemic. Add in being a black ...

Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal Steaming is a time-old healing tradition, meandering its way into mainstream consciousness. While it is contraindicated during pregnancy, there are tremendous benefits for ...

Meditation for a Pain-Free Birth

Is your body your ally? Or your nemesis? So often, it feels like our body is betraying us. One of the biggest lessons I ...

My clients no longer describe their births as painful!

I remember sitting at an extended family dinner a couple of months after my first (traumatic) birth and hearing someone share “If I could ...

Meet a Birth Revolutionary!

15 years ago when I was fiercely preparing for my "reclamation" birth, reading everything I could, practicing, learning... I came across Laura Shanley and ...

An Orgasmic and Transcendent Birth Story

How is it possible for birth to be a pleasurable experience when all we seem to hear about is the PAIN? Emilia Flor Vogt ...

Self-Advocacy in Childbirth

How do you stand for yourself during pregnancy and birth? How do you navigate a system that may not align with your desires? How ...
Conversation to Transform Birth

Every Woman Can Do This!

Wow.. there is so much inspiration in this Conversation to Transform Birth for our expectant mothers!! When a woman has a desire for an ...

How do you prepare for an Ecstatic Birth?

The day your baby is born is one of the most momentous days of your life. Childbirth can be one of the most transformative ecstatic ...

An Ecstatic, Orgasmic, and DIVINE Birth!

"My recent birth with my second son Silver was the most ecstatic experience of my life bringing me closer to divine bliss than ever ...

Cycle-Synching Misses This HUGE Piece

I'm thrilled with all the wisdom rising up around how to honor our cycles.   As women we are cyclical beings. As mammals, bodies that ...

Forging your UNIQUE path

There is no "right" way to birth, only the right way for YOU. This is a foundational principle of Ecstatic Birth. So much of ...

ReBirth… with Ecstasy!

If you didn't have the birth you'd hoped for... If you worry about how a "negative" birth experience has imprinted your child, If you ...
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